DIY Tutorial: Decorative Hat Band

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Diy hat band

I love hats. They're such an easy way to make an ensemble scream "street style" - even if all you're really wearing is that over-sized white t-shirt that's questionably clean and the jeans you wore yesterday. But hey, it's finals, so who really has time to craft the perfect outfit?

I believe everyone should have their signature hat, whether it be a jeweled beanie or a Parisian beret. My personal favorite is the wool/felt floppy hat. You know, the one with a really wide brim? They've shielded my eyes from the sun, my face from the rain, and have even kept my head warm in the winter. Their only problem? They are not wind-resistant, so winter weather gusts have blown my hats off.

This wasn't always a problem, as I had often daydreamed of a tall, dark, and handsome stranger saving my hat and returning it to me (admit it, you've done the same...). Then I got a boyfriend (and more often times than not I look ridiculous chasing after my hat in sky high heels), and I knew that if I wanted to continue to wear my hat in the winter, I had to weight it down.

My solution is the DIY project below. Continue reading for the step-by-step instructions on how to craft the chicest of decorative bands to weight down a wide brim hat!


Diy hat band materials

  • Wide brim hat (mine is from ASOS)
  • Curb chain (the length you want is the circumference of your hat plus a few inches; my hat was around 21 inches in circumference, so I bought 24 inches of curb chain)
  • Wide suede cord (as wide as the curb chain and 1.5 times as long; I bought 36 inches worth) Make sure the cord is flat!
  • Scrapbook buckle and brad
  • Knife or a sharp-edged tool
  • Optional: pliers/wire cutters

Step One

Diy hat band step1

First, wrap the curb chain around your hat. You want the curb chain to sit flat against the hat, like I've done here. If it doesn't fit like it does in my picture, use pliers to remove a few chain links, so the curb chain doesn't wrap snugly all the way around.

Step Two

Diy hat band step2 1

Loosely weave the suede cord in and out of the curb chain, as shown above. Do not try and pull the cord as tight as possible. This will mess up the chain links' placement; you want the chain to be as "flat" as possible.

Diy hat band step2 2

Weave all the way down; there should be a little bit of excess suede on the ends... leave them!

Step Three

Diy hat band step3 1

On the shorter end of the suede cord, use the knife to cut a tiny little slit around the exact center of the excess suede. Put the buckle on this end, then slide the scrapbook brad through the buckle's hole (at the base) and through the slit in the suede cord.

Diy hat band step3 2

Fold down the brad's edges to secure.

Step Four

Diy hat band step4 1

On the other end of the cord, cut a small slit in the exact middle of the suede cord, near the end edge of the curb chain.

Diy hat band step4 2

This is used to run the buckle through!


Diy hat band finale

And that's it! Simply wrap the chain around the hat and place it on your head. The chain should be heavy enough to weigh down the hat so it isn't blown off by winter winds.

Feedback please:

What do you wear on lazy finals days? What fashion pieces do you incorporate into your ensemble for a street-style look? Do you like hats as much as I do? Would you do this DIY? Are there any other DIYs you would like to see the tutorials for? Let me know in the comments!

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