DIY Fashion: How to Make Knotted Elastic Hair Ties

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Knotted elastic hair ties are the new scrunchies this year. You've probably seen them on your favorite fashion blogger, in your favorite store, or with the regular hair elastics at the drugstore.

Knotted hair ties are not only great for your hair since they don't have damaging metal edges, but they can also be worn as bracelets without being too tight on your wrist. In addition, they come in every style from neon to glitter. The downside is they run from about $3 to $15 a pack... and we all know how quickly hair ties disappear.

This DIY will show you how to make elastic hair ties at a fraction of the cost - these are seriously the all-time easiest hair accessories to make. Ready to get started? Read on!

What you'll need:

  • Foldover elastic (I bought mine here.)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Needle & thread (optional)

How to:

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 1

1. Measure 8.5" of elastic. You may want to cut a longer piece, depending on whether you want to wear your hair tie on your wrist and how tight you want it to be. I found that this length fits best around my wrist. Cut the elastic at a slight angle to help with fraying.

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 2

2. Wrap the elastic around your fingers to form a loop, then tie a knot. Leave about 1/4" on the ends. Avoid pulling on the edges to since this will make the ends fray. Make sure you don't tie the knot in the middle or your hair tie will be too small!

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 3

3. Make more! You can also dab Elmer's glue on the edges so the elastic won't fray, which will make them last longer and stay pretty.

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 4

4. Optional: Add a bow. Using a piece of ribbon, tie a bow, cutting the edges at an angle to prevent fraying. Make sure the ends are even and the silky side is showing.

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 5

5. Sew the ribbon onto the elastic using a needle and thread. It doesn't need to be neat - no one will be able to see the back. Just try to avoid threading through the top of the bow. Knot the thread after about 3-5 stitches.

DIY knotted hair ties: Step 6

DIY knotted hair tie - finished product

You can also make headbands with this elastic. Measure about 20" of elastic. Again, you may have to adjust the length, but I found this length worked for me. One way to get an accurate length is to measure the elastic against a headband that fits you well, and add 1" to that length (for tying the knot). Use the same method to tie the elastic as above and add glue to the edges to help prevent fraying over time. These can be worn around the wrist doubled over.

Super simple DIY pink elastic headband

This is seriously the easiest DIY project ever and is an amazing way to save some money on a trend. I bought about 11 yards of elastic for $11, which will make me about 45 hair ties! You can make them as gifts, or tie the top of a gift with one to make a pretty and usable gift topper. There are so many fun color choices, and they double as bracelets so you can always wear one on your wrist for hair emergencies!

What do you think?

Will you be making this DIY? Do you love or hate this new wave of scrunchies? Have a fab DIY you want to see? Tell us in the comments!

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