Closet Makeovers Series: Feminine Style - Comments & Questions

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Here is my second post on the feminine style (in case you missed it, see my previous post on The Feminine Style Basics) in which I will answer your questions about the feminine style from the comments sections of my previous articles.

But before we get to the Q&A section, here are a few additions I wanted to make to last week's list. In the comments section, you suggested a few more basics I should add to the shopping list: a white button down and skirts.

Additions to Last Week's List

White Shirts:

White button-down shirts

The very first shirt is perfect for a classically feminine girl. It's from The Limited, and I chose it because of the darting in the front. It will give you that feminine hourglass figure.

The second top is from Ann Taylor and is an option if you are into the cute ruffle trend that’s going around. It’s short sleeved as well which is perfect for our warmer weather readers, and can work as a less bulky piece underneath a sweater or jacket.

Flirty Skirts:

I couldn’t believe I didn’t think to put more skirts on last week’s basics list! They are so fun and cute, and I really love them for fall paired with tights.

Flirty skirts

The first skirt on the left is from J Crew and was chosen because of its ulta-flattering A-line shape.

The next is a pencil skirt from Topshop, and is perfect for those of you who want to add curves to your lower half. Also, since many of you are concerned about what to wear in the work place, you'll be happy to know that this skirt is an appropriate length.

The final skirt is something a bit shorter for those of you who have amazing legs and want to show them off! It's from Forever 21 and I picked it because of the fun hem. I think it would look cute worn with a flirty top tucked in, maybe with a pair of tights and ankle booties.

And now.... answering your questions!

Here are some of the questions you asked regarding the feminine style and all the odds and ends in between, along with my answers!

How to Mix Edgy and Girly style?

In last week's post, a reader commented that they wanted to know how to mix edgy and girly styles together - it's easier than you think!

I knew as I was reading the comments that I wanted to use a faux leather jacket for this particular question for 2 reasons. First, faux leather is really in right now. Second, it's inexpensive and perfect for those of you on a budget. The jacket featured below is well below $50!

Also, if it’s cold where you are, throw on some tights or leggings with this outfit.

Mixing Edgy & Girly styles

Product information: Jacket-, Dress- Forever 21, Boots- Charlotte Russe, Scarf- American Eagle, Bag-

Feminine hipster:

One commenter who dubbed her style “feminine hipster” asked how to update her wardrobe of skinny jeans, t-shirts, skirts, opaque tights, and feminine accessories.

My best tip is to try wearing updated versions of your classics, like a t-shirt with an interesting (and feminine) detailing or different color tights.

I was also happy to see that the commenter said she loves to emphasize her waist and legs. Like art, each outfit should have a focal point. If you're in a similar position, try an A-line skirt. It will emphasize a small waist because it is cut like the letter A. Also look for one that hits just above the knee to show off those great legs! Good luck!

How to make money go further for the feminine/rocker:

I totally can relate to this because money is tight, and I have a few tips for those of you in this situation.

First, use your accessories to spice up your wardrobe. For truly unique pieces, try a secondhand clothing store. We have a few on campus and they always have interesting pieces that no one else will have. I have also been finding myself shopping on eBay for cheap and unique accessories lately.

Second, shop inexpensive stores that cater to your aesthetic. Forever 21 and H&M are examples of stores with a really great feminine rocker edge. They have really stellar deals and carry lots of things like faux leather jackets and feminine blouses.

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s also have some great deals on shoes and bags for that edgy style. One day I sat in the bags section at Marshall’s for a good hour to find the perfect "tough girl" bag. They also definitely have enough high heels to satisfy your high heel love! Payless is also great for cheap, trendy shoes.

For more inexpensive and fabulous places to shop, see our list of the Top 5 Places to Shop Chic on the Cheap.

Looking for feminine pieces in bright colors:

Here is a little bit of fun for those of you (like myself) who like to stand out with color. Upon request, here are some pieces that will make a feminine outfit pop! (When worn separately - not all in one outfit!)

Bright colors

Product Information: Skirt- Old Navy, Hat and Flats- Topshop, Bangle-, Dress- Buckle.

Solution for a preppy and girly style:

This outfit is inspired by Marissa Cooper from the OC (my favorite show!). She always rocked the polo and vintage skirt combo when walking through the halls of Harbor, (in season 2  if you were wondering). It's the perfect mix of preppy and girly!

Preppy and girly clothes & accessories

Product information: Polo- Abercrombie and Fitch, Skirt- Old Navy, Flats- Charlotte Russe, Bag- Aldo, Bracelet-

For the tomboy who wants to be more girly:

Comfort is a big thing in college, and jeans, t-shirts and hoodies are staples. Try mixing these with feminine pieces. You don’t have to go crazy, maybe some cute flats or pearl earrings. Try something like a floral top underneath a zip up hoodie.

What do you think?

Next week I will be moving on to the edgy rocker style, so if there is anything last minute you want me to throw in there, let me know!

Also, I'm curious: how do you add feminine pieces to your style? How do you make a tomboy outfit more girly? What is your favorite way to add color to a girly outfit? Leave a comment and tell me!

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