Class to Night Out: Short Overalls

Who says you have to outgrow your favorite childhood trends?
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short overalls

Short Overalls: 1. Madewell, 2. H&M, 3. Tilly's

I'm all about reviving classic fashion looks, especially in the summer. As much as I love a good '70s bohemian vibe, this summer, I'm all about '90s trends!

Maybe it has to do with the nostalgia of being a '90s kid, the reintroduction of childhood favorites like French Toast Crunch, or new seasons of TV shows that feature killer 1990s fashion. Whatever the reason, I've been drawn more than ever to florals, crop tops, choker necklaces, and all things that might have been worn on Clarissa Explains It All.

That being said, I've decided to take the leap this summer and buy into a trend I've always admired, but never thought I could pull off: short overalls. They've been a surprisingly versatile investment! They're as comfortable and remixable as your favorite pair of denim cutoffs with an extra kick of visual interest. Part vintage, part fashion-forward, short overalls are a trend I definitely suggest trying out if you're looking to mix up your summer wardrobe. 

Below, I've created two outfits featuring short overalls, one for class and one for a night out. If you're interested in this trend, read on!

Short Overalls: Class

short overalls, striped tee, Converse

Product Info: Short Overalls, V-Neck, Tote BagConverse, Earrings, Watch

For a casual daytime look, layer a striped v-neck tee under your overalls. White Converse are a classic and comfortable shoe choice. Have fun with your accessories– add a cute watch, like this nautical one, plus these super-adorable emoji earrings. Lastly, pack up a casual straw tote bag with everything you need for the day. 

Short Overalls: Night Out

Short Overalls Night Out.jpg

Product Info: Short Overalls, Crop Top, Sandals, Crossbody Bag, Earrings, Choker

If you've never worn a crop top before but would like to try one out, overalls are a great piece to pair them with, since most of your torso will still be covered. Pick a crop top (or any tank top, if you're still unsure about showing your stomach) in a daring color, like neon pink, for a fun night out look.

Add some edge to your outfit with trendy metallic gladiator sandals. If you really want to emphasize the '90s trend, feel free to add a tattoo choker necklace; if not, a bold pair of earrings will do. As the finishing touch, a whimsical crossbody bag adds to the playful vibe of the short overalls.


Do you love '90s trends like I do? What are your thoughts on overalls? Will you rock a pair this summer? What do you think about the outfits above? I'd love to hear from you guys, so feel free to leave me a comment!

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