Class to Night Out: Poncho

Wrap up in one of these for a cozy-chic fall look.
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Do you struggle with transforming your outfits from day to night? Don’t worry, CF is here to help turn that daily annoyance into a fun challenge. Class to Night Out focuses on one piece per week, and aims to help you take your look from study sessions in the library to dancing the night away.

Once the weather starts to cool down down, I just want to curl up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and watch Netflix all day. It doesn't help that school classrooms are like 10 degrees colder than it is outside. I'm not going to lie, I have brought a blanket to school with me before. 

If you want to look chic while staying cozy, ponchos have you covered! They are the perfect fall/winter pieces that will have you looking put together and a little boho-chic, while making you feel like you are wrapped up in a blanket. YES. 

If you want to see how I styled one of these cozy ponchos for class and a night out, keep reading! 

Poncho: Class

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Products: Shirt - Poncho - Pants - Boots - Tote - Nail Polish - Earrings

This is the perfect fall outfit! Depending on what kind of poncho you are working with, you may or may not need to wear a shirt underneath. But just to be on the safe side (and because classrooms really are that cold), a plain long sleeve white t-shirt will do. Then mix your favorite skinny jeans with a classic pair of brown knee-high boots. 

Since we are going for comfort with this outfit, just accessorize with these adorable gold acorn stud earrings and a large leather and cloth fringed tote to complement your boho vibe. Finally, coat your nails with a dark metallic shade that will remind you of falling leaves.

Poncho: Night Out

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Products: Shirt - Poncho - Jeans - Shoes - Clutch - Necklace - Nail Polish

Go for simple again for your night out. Choose a darker pair of skinny jeans and some burgundy wedge booties. Add a faux snakeskin clutch in some similar colors. 

I didn't choose too many jewelry options for either of these outfits. Is anyone else wearing less jewelry these days? For this outfit I just added a silver fringe bib necklace. Keep your nails the same dark metallic color and you're ready for your night out.

Your Thoughts? 

What do you think? Are you going to rock a poncho this fall? How would you style one for class and a night out? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing feedback! 

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