3 Cute Ways to Style a Sweater This Winter

As a cold-natured person, there is no weather that isn't sweater weather for me.
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Sweaters are one of my favorite things to wear, no matter what time of year. As a cold-natured person, there is no weather that isn't sweater weather. Based on three different occasions, here are my top three ways to style a sweater.

Athletic Meets Cozy


One of the most frequently asked questions I get on CF has to do with transitioning gym clothes for class. For this look, I paired Nike leggings with a long cream sweater. For an ode to the '90s, I tied a plaid shirt around my waist. To add some glam, I popped on a crystal necklace.

If you were going to the gym after school, you could wear a tank top under your sweater, and voilà, be workout ready.

The Academic Sweater


I love pairing bold, graphic sweaters with skirts, tights and ankle boots. This look is warm, trendy, and most importantly, comfortable enough to wear during that lecture on Friday that just won't end. I see many people wearing sweaters with leggings, but the skirt and sweater combo, much like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, is under-appreciated.

This look would also be handy if you're going straight from class to an event.

The Going Out Sweater

Black and white sweater outfit

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Who says you can't hit the town in a sweater? A high-waisted skirt and a cropped sweater can pack a punch. As opposed to pants, you can control how high or low you want to want to wear a skirt, so you can show as much or as little skin as you want.

To keep things edgy, try ear jackets instead of earrings. They won't keep your ears warm, but they'll look on fleek as the Insta-kids say. The beauty of a black-and-white outfit is that you can wear whatever color accessories you want; in this case, I went with one my favorite colors, blue.

And, of course, you can't hit the town without first hitting the liquid eyeliner. My favorite is this one by Maybelline. It's perfect for achieving the cat eye that fades into nothingness.

What do you think?

Which of these outfits is your favorite? How do you style your sweaters? Don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know.

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