3 More Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the Runways

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For fashion fans, Halloween isn't just a holiday - it's an excuse to get creative, whimsical and stylish. And as I discussed in my last post, 3 Stylish Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Runways, the couture runways are an amazing source of outrageous, stylish costume ideas.

With Halloween less than two weeks away and with the high demand for more after last week's post, I decided to supply you with three more costume ideas inspired by the runways. Keep reading for 3 stylish runway-inspired Halloween costumes.

Look #1: Mother Nature


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This crochet and fringe look from Gaultier's Spring 2010 couture collection has a lush, earthy feel. The tree-like hat combines with the model's bohemian braids to create a look that screams mother nature.

Getting the Look

Halloween costume idea: Mother Nature

{Skirt, Top, Scarf, Bracelet, Sandals, Garland, Necklace}

To create a Mother Nature costume, start with a green maxi skirt. Pair it with an earthy top like this colorful tank. Next, keep your accessories Earth-themed - a green leafy scarf, wooden necklace and leaf bangle are perfect examples. Finish the look off with natural sandals and top it all off with a flower headpiece. If you want to make your costume even more earthy, carry around fake flowers or stick leaves in your hair.

This costume is super easy to make, and the best part? You can find pieces in your own backyard (literally).

Look #2: Sassy Sailor


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Gaultier created a classic yet sassy sailor look in his Fall 2009 couture collection. The high-waisted pants pair perfectly with the striped sweater to create a simple yet statement-making outfit. The nautical hat is my favorite part and really creates the "Hello, Sailor" vibe.

Getting  the Look

Halloween costume idea: Sailor

{Top, Pants, Necklace, Hat, Wedges, Broach, Earrings, Bag}

To get your sailor costume going, start with a red striped shirt and pair it with high-waisted sailor pants. Accessorize with nautical accessories like an anchor necklace, knotted earrings, a nautical broach and a sailor striped bag. Top it off with a sailor hat and don't forget the Sperry wedges!

If you want to put a fun twist on the classic sailor costume, try it from a vintage angle, incorporating pinup girl hair and makeup. Check out this tutorial for a '50s sailor makeup look.

Look #3: Ringmaster


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This Christian Dior look from the 2010 couture collection is perfect inspiration for a fierce costume. The red blazer, black gloves and top hat with black veil practically scream "Ringmaster!" However, in this case, we aren't talking sexy Britney Spears-esque ringmaster (although you could go that route, too) but rather a classic vintage ringmaster look, a la Water for Elephants.

Getting the Look

Halloween costume idea: Ringmaster

{Blazer, Hat, Cane, Shirt, Skirt, Gloves, Booties}

To get this classic ringmaster look, start with a ruffled white shirt and pair it with a bright red cropped blazer. Next, add a grey plaid skirt and black booties. Accessorize with a pair of black leather gloves, a mini top hat and veil headband. And don't forget a cane accessory so you can keep the circus tame! Finish off with a bold red lip.

Your thoughts?

Which costume idea is your favorite? What other costume ideas would you like to see? What will you be going as for Halloween? Tell us in a comment!

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