2 Chic Ways to Style Your Athletic Sneakers

Athletic sneakers aren't just for the gym. Thanks to the athleisure trend, you can wear them every day.
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Pink Nike sneakers

Athletic sneakers can be fashionable, too! | Photo Credit

If you haven't already noticed, running shoes have recently become an acceptable form of stylish footwear - blame the athleisure trend. I've seen them all over street style blogs, proving that you can make your workout wear work for everyday. It also proves that you don't have to kill your feet with uncomfortable shoes in order to look chic.

Want to know how to style them? The trick is to pair them with other casual, sporty, or streamlined pieces so that everything looks coordinated. Read on for a few outfit ideas:

Look #1

Moto jacket, pink hoodie, gray jeans

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This casual yet stylish look is the perfect way to wear your athletic sneakers for sightseeing or running errands. Try a pair of distressed gray jeans on the bottom, then layer a bright hoodie under a black moto jacket on top. Add your favorite pair of neon-accented sneakers, as well as a sleek watch to polish off the ensemble.

Look #2

Gray dress, plaid shirt, black shoes

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Not sure how to wear a dress with athletic shoes? Let me show you how it's done. Your best bet is to try a casual, sweatshirt-type dress to keep with the sporty vibe. Layer a buffalo plaid shirt over the top or tie it around your waist for a pop of print and color. Silver rings add a bit of metallic shine, and don't forget a sleek ponytail to finish the look.

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