5 Ways to Get Your Place Ready for Family During the Holidays

Don't let your family think you've been slacking off (even if you have)!
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Photo Credit: ELLE

Photo Credit: ELLE

My roommate and I are excited for the arrival of her parents this Christmas. However, it also means we need to get our apartment ready for the parents... which is not something we're as excited about.

It's always stressful to have people over from outside the haze of college. Although I think my apartment is decent by college standards, every time my parents visit I'm nervous that they won't be pleased with my standard of living.

So, my roomie and I have decided to prepare early this time so that it looks like we take extra good care of our apartment. In the event your family is coming to you this holiday season, here are some tips to make your apartment more presentable and parent-friendly.

1. Put up photos/souvenirs

If you want an easy way to steer the conversation in a direction you're prepared for, decorate using your personal photos from throughout the semester or your memorabilia of events or clubs you've joined. Hanging up (or even framing) tickets from events you've attended or scrapbook pages from things you've hosted can be a great way to bring your family into the loop.

2. Clean the dining table

I would advise cleaning it and putting down some kind of tablecloth. Our table tends to get sticky and dirty, especially when it's been awhile since we've both been home to have a cleaning party. But before visitors arrive it's imperative to de-grease this area and make it look nice. If your family is visiting your apartment, they probably will want to eat something. Don't kill their appetites. Clean the table.

3. Bake something before they arrive

This sounds like a tip straight out of Clueless (and it kinda is), but it honestly works wonders. If you bake something before your parents arrive, you not only have a little welcome dish, but you apartment smells amazing. I usually go for chocolate chip cookies because they're hard to mess up and you end up with the amazing smell of vanilla in your apartment for at least a day.

4. Make your bed

Of course, I always forget this one. But yes, they're gonna peek, and yes, it is a big deal. At least to my parents. So in case you're like me and this chore is not habitual, just quickly tuck everything in so your family thinks you're living like a proper adult.

5. Be prepared with cutlery/cookware

If your family is planning to cook something together at your apartment, be prepared in advance with the proper ingredients, plates, crockpots, etc. You don't want to force anyone to make a last-minute trip to the store, especially to buy basics like cookware, so ask in advance what you're going to be cooking. 

How do you prepare to host the 'rents?

Do you have any other suggestions for fixing up the apartment when the family is in town? Does your family visit during the holidays or do you usually go home instead? Let me know in the comments! 

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