How to Successfully Move Out of Your Dorm

Because moving out can be as stressful as taking another final exam.
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Think back to the beginning of the year. Move-in day is always a really stressful time because you have to haul basically all of your stuff into an unfamiliar building and deal with the mess of elevators, locked doors, and your parents pressuring you to be better. Not many people think of move-out as a big ordeal, probably because it's post-finals... anything seems relaxing at that point.

But move-out day can sneak up on you if you don't plan ahead. Here are some things to think about:

Local Storage

I always drove past those "climate-controlled storage units" but never knew how useful they could be until this year. I have a ton of friends who don't live in the same city as my school and they told me they rented a storage unit for all their furniture. This makes the transition between school-summer-school a lot easier.

You probably don't want to leave your clothes, pillows, or sheets there over the summer (they might get gross, plus you might need them at home), but for larger items like desks/beds this can be a lifesaver. Consider splitting the cost with a friend if you both have some heavy belongings.

Be Careful with Breakables

I've had a few incidents in the past where I thought that putting all my cute dishes in a box would suffice. Needless to say I broke a few things. Wrap your dishes and breakable decor carefully to avoid shattering them.

I didn't even use bubble wrap last time I moved— I inserted a few soft sweatshirts between them and voilà! Easy insulation and you don't waste space (or money) with packing materials. 

Donate Unwanted Clothes

I always start the year with a manageable amount of clothes, and end the year completely overwhelmed. That's why every year before moving out, I make a trip to Buffalo Exchange to try to sell the things I no longer want, and donate the stuff that doesn't make the cut.

I tend to shop throughout the school year to replace worn-out basics or update my fun pieces, so donating the old ones makes it easier for me to plan out my outfits and take them back home.

Sell Books Before Leaving

I made this mistake freshman year— I had a lot of textbooks that I wanted to sell, but didn't pay any attention to them until I was about to move out. I packed them up with me, thinking I would sell them online or come back to campus soon and get money for them. It doesn't work like that— sell your books during move-out when places are advertising heavily.

Don't Wait Until the Last Day!

I always think it's a good idea to wait until two hours before my mom is coming to start packing. Don't do it. There's no time to find boxes and crates at the last-minute, and everyone else is moving out too, so it's just too hectic.

The trash cans are always full, which means you have to take extra time walking around to dispose of the junk you don't want. Plus, if you start early you have time to organize your stuff properly and avoid breaking anything.

What do you think?

Move-out may be the last school-related thing you do for a while, so make it as stress-free as possible! If you have your own set of tips and tricks, let me know in the comments.

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