How to Find Your Interior Decorating Style

Discover your interior decorating style with our tips on how to find your design aesthetic, plus a fun quiz!
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College dorm rooms or apartments often fall by the wayside as far as decorating goes, but the truth is, your college space is a great place to express your personal style. This new series of posts will help you make your space somewhere that makes you feel happy, comfortable, and proud to show off to friends!

So, don’t be intimidated by the tiny dimensions or bare white walls! In no time, you will be on the way to turning your drab dorm into a functional and stylish place to spend your time.

The First Step: Determine Your Personal Interior Style

You probably already know what your tastes are in fashion. That same style radar can be used to tune into interior design as well! The trick is figuring out what you like and turning it into a reality in your room.

3 Fun Ways to Find Your Interior Design Style

1. Figure out what inspires you and determine why it does.

Scour blogs, online picture galleries, magazines, friends’ rooms, anywhere you can find! Pick out images that you find inspirational and keep track of them. Keep a file of pictures that jump out at you either on your computer (you could use Evernote) or on paper. Then, go through the pictures and figure out what elements of the room drew you to the picture at first glance.

Some great places to find inspiring pictures are:

Enjoy! And remember, these are just to help you find pictures that can guide you to your personal taste. They don’t necessarily have to be pictures of bedrooms.

2. Take hints from what you already have.

Look at the particular pieces of furniture or decorations that you already have and love. Basing your room around one particular item can lead to a disaster, but if you have a few pieces that you really love, think about how they go together and what would be a good complement or contrast to them.

3. Take a quiz!

Take this fun quiz at HomeGood's StyleScope. It will help you put a name on your particular decorating style and may even give you some more ideas.

Tell Us About Your Style!

What do you think your interior style is? Do you have any decorating road blocks that you have encountered?

Be sure to check back next week for my next article about Styling Your Space!

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