How to Add Flavor to Your Coffee Table

Because putting a pile of books on the table doesn't cut it anymore.
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I'm not exactly sure how the existence of coffee table books came to be, but I haven't really felt inspired by these in a college apartment. After all, I get enough reading material as is!

In fact, you're lucky if there isn't already a giant stack of textbooks on the table just because I'm lazy. But when I do eventually clean up my mess, my coffee table is pretty weird. It's bland wood, and low enough to where it serves a less-than-functional purpose.

How does one decorate a coffee table? Have no fear– here are five ideas to get you started.  

1. Vase with Flowers

Everyone seems to love flowers in their apartment, and I am no exception. Real or fake– it doesn't matter here. The point is that flowers are super-colorful and can accent other items in the living room, like pillows or wall art.

I never know exactly where to put flowers so that I won't accidentally knock over the vase. The coffee table is a pretty good spot, provided you don't throw your feet up haphazardly!

2. Storage Tray

I know I tend to just throw my most used items on the coffee table when I come home. Hair ties, bobby pins, even things like fruit snacks. It's a convenient place to store stuff, so why not make it more organized?

A storage tray is perfect for adding color or patterns into the mix, but also allows you to bring a bit of your room out into public space. You can put sticky notes here, extra phone chargers– you name it!

3. Chess/Checkers

I've seen this a couple times and thought it was really cute! Invest in a nice chess set or checkers board– it adds a bit of flair to your living room and can actually be played when you're just hanging out with friends or roommates.

4. Tablecloth

Incorporating fabric is a great way to add pattern or texture to a room, and it doesn't get easier than this. You don't even need to go out and buy a fancy tablecloth– any kind of thin sheet will work.

Drape it over your table so it has more of a cozy vibe. If your table is metal or another less attractive material, this will completely change its look.

5. Cookie Jar

This is my personal favorite, and one that I display regularly! Cookie jars are a) an incentive to bake and b) a great way to have a welcoming home for guests. I left out c) they can lead to major regrets :).

Go to a nearby store (Target has fun ones!) and pick out a jar that can hold baked goods. Make sure to grab the ingredients as well. An alternate idea involves placing a cute pitcher or clear dispenser on your table so you serve homemade flavored water or fresh squeezed lemonade to guests.

How do you decorate your coffee table?

Do you leave it as is? Do you throw something over it to make it less noticeable? Do other people even still have coffee tables? Let me know in the comments!

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