Dormspiration: Joy Bryant's L.A. Home

Learn how to decorate your home like Joy Bryant with our interior design tips for girls on a budget.
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Joy Bryant interior design

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When it comes to creative and unique decor, thrift shops and flea markets can become a college girl's best friend. As any vintage aficionado can attest, finding that perfect room addition in the piles of secondhand things can be incredibly difficult, but always yields amazing results.

Joy Bryant, a model-turned-actress who currently stars in Parenthood, has a wonderfully chic abode that she has furnished primarily at the flea market in Los Angeles. Her style is eclectic, music-inspired, and delightfully bohemian -- a great vibe to emulate if you want to transform your dorm or apartment! Want to get inspired by Bryant's laid-back, vintage decor? Read on!

Bring the Outdoors In

Joy Bryant's Patio

Colorful, mismatched planters somehow work beautifully together on Bryant's patio. As we've attested before, every dorm room needs something alive in it (besides you, of course!) to bring energy to the room.

Flower pots inspired by Joy Bryant's home

Product Information: Galvanized Tin Bucket, Mason Jars, Wooden Pail, Stalagmite Vase, Watering Can

Bring some shabby-chic into your room with any of these vintage-inspired pieces, which can be used to hold anything from plants to pencils and pens. Colorful DIY mason jars can be used to organize your desk, and a mismatched collection of buckets and jars makes a great windowsill display.

Tees On Display

Joy Bryant's t-shirt art

Skip the traditional poster and display true works of art - fashion! Just take your favorite band tee from a concert you've attended and show it off proudly. Make sure that the rest of your decor is understated, like Bryant's is, so all the focus is on the shirts.

home decor inspired by Joy Bryant's home

Product Information: Pants Hanger, Poster, Floor Pillow, Shirt Hanger

A classic Marilyn Monroe poster is made instantly more interesting when you forgo the typical Sticky-tac and use a pants hanger to display it instead. The hangers are small enough to display greeting cards or smaller posters as well. Add a soft floor pillow or two to tone down the mood of the room, and invest in some classic bamboo hangers to show off the great album art on a vintage band tee.

Pro tip: Wooden hangers are a room essential for me. As skinny and useful as Huggable Hangers might be, they don't quite maintain a shirt's shape like wooden ones do.

Bookshelf Accents

Joy Bryant's Bookshelf

Joy Bryant's bookshelf accents add so much interest to a standard piece of practical furniture, and they're a great way to display smaller pieces that would otherwise clog a dresser surface.

Bookshelf accents

Product Information: Letter, Bookshelf, Dishes

Of course, underbed storage is usually well-utilized by college students. However, many don't think to put a bookshelf under their lofted bed. In fact, an under-bed bookshelf can be a surprisingly practical storage option, especially if you let the edge jut out a bit to be used as a nightstand. You can either buy a low-slung bookshelf or simply turn a smaller one on its side. Accent with a few sweet pieces, like a metal cut-out with your initial, or these gorgeous vintage lotus bowls, a nod to Bryant's affinity for brass metal.

What do you think?

Do you like Joy Bryant's style? What are some vintage finds you've discovered recently? Got any tips for beginning thrifters? Let us know with a comment!

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