Decorating Your Space While On the Go

Just because it's not permanent doesn't mean it can't be cute.
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So, this semester is going to be a weird one. I'm studying abroad in Prague (hallelujah!) which means living in a small dormitory that I've never seen before and trying to make it my own. I don't even know my roommate yet. 

Thinking about how barren my room will be got me sad, so I started to plan out what kind of decor I could bring with me to add some homeliness before I arrive! If you're ever on-the-go, whether it be for a study abroad or just staying in a spare room at your friend's for a few weeks, here are some ways to liven up your space.

1. Bring flat things for walls

If you're moving around and packing light, it's nearly impossible to travel with lanterns or cute storage boxes. However, it's easy to bring flat paper goods like calendars, maps, or even hanging displays. I found a chain of elephant cutouts that folded up and could be placed nicely in my luggage, taking up no space.

2. Bring photos

Photos instantly make a space yours. After all, if it's your face or your friends' faces everywhere, it's hard to forget your roots. A pack of printed photos can fit into your purse or small bag easily. 

With photos, you can put them on your fridge, frame them (buy the frame at your destination to save space), or just sticky tack them to a wall. (Note: As always, avoid putting holes in the walls of spaces you don't own!)

3. Bring a roll of washi tape

So I didn't actually bring washi tape with me but I'm seriously regretting it, especially since I have so much at home! 

You can easily add color and flair to your space with just a single roll of tape. Put it on the edge of your desk, doors, and shelves. You can also use it to make patterns or even make frames on your walls, which can be a lot of fun.

4. Bring cards and letters

I love doing this one--especially since I have quite a few letters from friends who gave me stuff before I left for Prague. 

Rather than leaving your letters and cards behind or stashing them away in your stuff, display them proudly! A few of my friends are artists who made amazing cards that are so fun to hang up and remind me of home. They also add an eclectic vibe to spaces that might otherwise feel sterile (hotels, office spaces).

How do you decorate your space when traveling?

What would you bring with you when trying to pack light? Would you just buy your stuff there? Let me know in the comments!

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