3 Essentials for Organizing a Dorm or Apartment Bathroom

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Ah, the good old bathroom. In your early days, it was the place to experiment with wacky hairstyles and play with your mom's lipstick. In middle school, you learned not to venture into it alone (remember what happened to Hermione?), and it became the place to meet for secret conversations with your BFFs.

Of course, when you got to college, your preconceived notions about bathroom etiquette were probably overturned by your first day. For those of you in residence halls, the initial thrill (or fear) of having a co-ed bathroom wore off in about thirty seconds, and now you try to spend as little time as possible there.

However, as college women, there are plenty of ways for us to stay organized (and clean) in shared bathroom situations. In this article, we'll list three essentials for dorm room (or apartment!) bathroom organization, (including how to organize your products if you keep them in your bedroom instead) which will hopefully make your daily routine a little easier! Let's get started.

1. A shower caddy or tote

Shower totes

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It simply isn't physically possible for me to schlep my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face scrub, razor, and loofah to the shower  (while keeping my towel on!) without a handy carrying container. Whatever your shower needs are, make sure to buy a caddy that is sturdy, cleverly built, and has drainage holes in the bottom! (Thanks for that tip, mom!)

Lucky enough to have your own bathroom? A shower caddy that hangs from your curtain rod or attaches to the wall is a great storage solution for all your products. How cute is that handy red octopus?

If you're the traditional student who treks down the hallway in a towel, a shower tote is your best bet. I personally prefer the solid plastic ones, but plenty of people like the flexible mesh ones because of their many pockets!

2. Makeup organizers

Makeup organizers

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Half the fun of buying nice makeup is getting to show it off on your dresser. Having a makeup organizer also makes it easy to pick out what you want to use every morning, and is an easy way to free up valuable counter space.

Clear acrylic organizers are the most classic, though there are plenty of other options! If you often find yourself getting ready in a friend's room, keep your makeup in a cute case to make it easy to bring along. Need more space on your desk? Adhesive organizers can go anywhere from the side of your dresser to your wall, and can even double as decor. Find one that suits your needs, and you'll never worry about locating your mascara again!

3. Containers for bathroom accessories


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One day I'm going to figure out where doctors get those adorable glass jars that store tongue depressors and cotton balls in their offices, buy them all, and store everything in them. (Until then, The Container Store has my back.)

Everything looks better when it's sorted neatly into a set of containers, whether glass or otherwise, and it's a simple way to make your bathroom counter look instantly neater... and find what you're looking for in a flash.

What do you think?

What are your bathroom organization essentials? How else do you keep your counter and medicine cabinets tidy? Do you have any other tips for organizing small items? Let us know with a comment!

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