Remix Your Soundtrack: 3 Tips for Discovering New Music

Stop hitting shuffle and start adding new content to your playlist!
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"Can you tell me what song this is?"

"You need to send me a playlist of all the new music you find– I'm so out of the loop!"

These requests have filtered in over the years and I've decided it's time to share what my secret is for discovering new music.

We all love having a soundtrack to play to our lives (it's not just me, right?), and why not? Music amplifies every situation. When we want a workout to kick our butt, we listen to upbeat tunes. When we want to be lulled into sleep, we have nature soundtracks and lullabies to listen to. When we want to do nothing but cry out our feelings, we have a bottomless supply of sad songs to pick from.

However, too often we get lazy and settle for what the radio feeds our ears. But do you ever get tired of the same worn-out pop song? Even Pandora gets old after a while, since the same songs often make recurring appearances. Besides, you want your own life soundtrack, not the same one as everyone else, right?

Today, I'm sharing my top three tips for discovering new music. No more waiting for the next big hit to bombard the radio– you'll already have heard it months ago!

1. Tune in to Spotify

Spotify Screenshot


I'm certain a lot of people are already utilizing Spotify in place of Pandora, but have you browsed their pre-made playlists? Specifically, their "New Music Tuesday" playlist? They make a new one weekly, and have a wonderful variety of artists all combined into one ginormous mix. It ranges from pop to indie to rock and everything in-between. 

Also, while you can certainly download the app and listen to Spotify for free, the ads get annoying. They offer a student discount, so you can upgrade to a premium account for only $5/month. Not shabby for unlimited listening to all of their songs ad-free. 

2. Listen to the Full Album

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how much people miss out on because they settle on just listening to the one popular single blared on the radio.

One of my favorite ways to find new artists is by putting on the New Music Tuesday playlist in the background, and when a song catches my attention, I'll look up the artist and the other songs they've done. It often leads to discovering a new favorite musician, and if they have a follow-up single hit the radio, I already know about it. 

3. Check Out Opening Bands 

If your favorite artist is going on tour, chances are they're going to have an opening band that you'll like as well. Milo Greene, Rival Sons, and The Naked & Famous are just a few of the bands I've discovered by doing this. Plus, you'll be supporting new artists that are breaking onto the scene. Who knows, maybe they'll eventually be going on their own headlining tour one day and you can remember when they were just getting started.

Also, if you find out about local groups playing at your nearby coffee shops, pubs, and other local spots, why not check them out? You could be pleasantly surprised by the talent hidden right in your neighborhood. 

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips help you out! Music is such a powerful form of art. From fashion and working out to writing or any other sort of activity, music is an instrument that motivates and inspires. So, why not mix up what you listen to? 

What are your methods for finding new music? Tell us in the comments below!

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