Top 5 Things to Do on the Quad

The campus quad is the place to be when warm weather hits. Here are some ideas for activities to do there.
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It's finally -- and thankfully -- spring time! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you are almost done with the school year. Now that exam week has arrived (or, for some of you, is a recent, horrific memory) there are some times when you just need to relax and enjoy the beautiful day outside.

With that in mind, why not spend time on your campus quad? Below, I'll break down my top five ideas for successful quad frolicking in the spring:

1. Study

The quad is a great spot for your and you study buddies to meet up and enjoy the weather between quizzing and flashcards. Those florescent lights in the library can be a real drag, so picking out a nice shady spot on the quad can help your eyes and brain absorb all that material.

Studying in a fun environment also helps you retain that knowledge, that's why games always seem to be the easiest way to study. So even if you're just staring at your flashcards, just being outside and with friends will do wonders for your peace of mind... and your memory!

2. Play Frisbee

...or any other kind of sport you can play. (Quidditch, anyone?) There's no better way to relieve your worries about that Microbiology Chemistry final than to get the blood pumping. It doesn't need to be anything serious - this isn't The World Cup on the Quad - but you want to get moving enough to release those endorphins.

Endorphins are chemicals released in our bodies that make us feel happy, and even laughter can release them. (Though exercise seems to be one of the best ways to get them going.) During a stressful week, it's more important than ever to get your endorphins pumping to keep your peace of mind!

Just make sure to respect other people's quad space when playing games -- you wouldn't want to hit a passerby on their way to their dreaded Microbiology Chemistry final.

3. Have a Picnic

There's nothing better than grabbing a bunch of friends, some blankets, and some refreshments, and heading down to the quad on a sunny day for a picnic lunch. Get tasty treats from a grab-and-go place on campus or make your own lunch ahead of time! Bring some iPod speakers and create a fun playlist, then hang out, eat, people-watch, and enjoy. Bliss!

While being tons of fun, hanging out outdoors and eating a lovely lunch with friends can also help you de-stress before you feel like finals will eat your soul. It's pretty much a win-win.

4. Take a Nap

Take this time that you have made for relaxing and take a snooze on the quad. After all, if you just finished finals week, you are undoubtedly behind on sleep.

Just imagine lying under a tree or in the warm sun and just taking a nap. No worries, and a slight breeze keep you cool. Take the lovely day that you have been given and just relax. Listen to some good music, drown out the negativity and extra noise, and let your body release all the tension that you have been holding up since the beginning of the semester, waiting for these last few weeks to come.

You can even doze off reading a good book, just make sure you don't follow a white rabbit -- those things never end up well.

5. Go Streaking!!

Okay, not really. But this bullet point is a good excuse to link up these funny .gifs from Old School because, well, it's Sunday. (You're welcome, readers!)

Final Thoughts:

You all are so close to being done, and so close to being able to throw off your backpacks for the summer. By taking some time during your finals weeks to regain your momentum and mentally regroup, you will find that you can concentrate more on studying, studying, and, well...more studying.

Rest your mind, body, and soul before trudging through finals week and everything that comes with it. You can do it! P.S. -- Good luck with finals and happy end-of-the-year!

What do you think?

What happens on your campus quad? Do you participate? Have you ever done any of these activities on the quad? How to you spend your time outdoors? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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