Top 5 Essentials for Visiting a Theme Park

Here's what to bring for your next trip to Disney, Universal, or any other theme park.
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With spring break upon us, many of you are surely heading off on some great vacations, and I must say I'm envious, especially because I'm currently sitting in my hometown with pink eye. Talk about a fabulous spring break, right? 

Theme parks are popular spring break destinations, and believe me I plan on spending some time in Disney World when I get back to Orlando to make up for this bust of a break. 

We've covered what to wear to a theme park in the past, but today we're talking what to bring to a theme park. Whether you are spending time at Universal, Disney (my personal favorite), Six Flags, or any other theme park during your break, these essentials will get you through the parks like a pro (A.K.A. a Florida native):

1. Chic Backpack 

Black Backpack Purse from Target

Bag - $29.99 at Target

If I have learned anything from my numerous trips to Disney and Universal over the years, it's that you NEED a cute backpack. This one would make a perfect theme park bag. 

I used to be a die-hard fan of the cross-body bag for theme parks, but then my mum bought me a very cute backpack and it changed my life. Not only does it distribute the weight better, but it also allows you to be completely hands-free with no bulkiness on the side of your body. Another bonus is if you get a small backpack with thin straps, it won't take over your body in pictures. 

2. Portable Charger 

Gingham printed portable charger

Charger - $24.99 at Target

Theme parks can take all day to cover, and considering phone will double as a method of communication and a camera, you need to make sure you have plenty of battery. I highly recommend investing in a portable charger that you can keep in your bag for when your phone starts to die. 

Portable chargers are easy to find, and also come in so many cute patterns, like the gingham one above. If you are willing to spend a bit more (and you're really addicted to your phone like me), you can also get a charger that holds multiple charges

3. Plastic Bags 

Box of Ziploc Bags

Plastic Bags - $2.29 at Target

Not only will plastic bags help keep a larger bag organized, but they will also provide some protection for your electronics. Water rides are very common in theme parks, and not every park has lockers where you can store your devices while you go have fun on the ride. A simple fix is to bring a plastic bag or two that you can throw your stuff in. 

Also, if you are hitting up the theme parks in Florida, rain is common (I'm not really sure how we got the nickname "The Sunshine State") and again these bags could save your electronics. 

4. A Small Umbrella or Raincoat 

Girl carrying red umbrella

Photo Credit: ELLE

Speaking of rain, it's a good idea to carry a foldable raincoat or umbrella with you. My biggest advice here is to keep it light and small. These items could potentially add a lot of weight to a bag, but they are still essentials. 

If at all possible, I would even suggest the light raincoat or poncho instead of the umbrella, because it can double as a jacket if the temperature dips. You can also throw it on over your clothes on a water ride if you don't want to get wet. 

5. An Old Water Bottle 

water bottle

Water Bottle - Target

I hate added weight on my back, so you will never see me with a reusable water bottle. You will, however, see me with an empty, old water bottle. They are so much lighter to carry when empty and you can easily refill them at water fountains. 

Plus, water prices in theme parks are so inflated that it's crazy to buy a new bottle each time you need water, especially seeing as you can't take drinks onto many of the attractions. An old bottle keeps things light and is easy to refill for free - and ditch at a moment's notice.

What are you bringing to the theme parks?

Do you have any Disney or Universal trips planned? What do you usually bring with you to theme parks? Any other Floridians have tips for out-of-state visitors? Please share in the comments! 

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