Stuff College Fashionistas Say

These things come out of every young fashion girl's mouth at some point.
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Many of of you have probably seen those "Sh*t People Say" Youtube videos about common things that different groups (examples: girls, yogis, cats) can be heard saying. Sometimes, it's a little too real and you will realize that you are not the only person who exclaims, "It has POCKETS!" when you go shopping. 

There are a couple versions of these videos about things fashion girls say (check out parts one and two), but they're way more catered to ladies immersed in the world of high fashion.  That's why I've created a list of things that young, college-age fashionphiles like myself are apt to say. Enjoy, and I hope you can relate.

1. "What are you wearing to [insert event that is a month away]?"

2.  "Major Coachella vibes."

3. "I love your romper!'

4. "My mom's bringing me all my spring clothes when she visits."

5.  "The red carpet coverage is the best part."

6. "Last night I started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix...for the fourth time."

7. *Pointing to something super fancy/sparkly* "I'd wear that to class with a jean jacket!"

8.  "Why can't I go to Prom again?"

9. "It goes with everything."

10. "I'm channeling Dolce today."

11. "Aria Montgomery is my spirit animal."

12. "I felt kind of bad buying this total Valentino knockoff bag at Forever 21, but not that bad because it was like $20."

13.  "Have you seen Essie's new colors? I'm in love!"

14. "That would be super cute with a statement necklace."

15. "Can we please watch The Devil Wears Prada?"

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16. "I really need to do laundry."

17. "Or better yet, is there a dry cleaner around here?"

18. "You should belt that."

19. "This crazy weather is messing with all my outfit plans."

20. "What do you mean I can only bring five pairs of shoes?!"

21. "I'm looking for some good basic black pumps."

22. "She's kind of an Alexa Chung lookalike."

23. "What should I wear on my Tinder date?" 

24. "The only reason I want to go out tonight is so I can dress up."

25.  "My acting professor requires us to wear clothes we can move in. Ugh."

26. "Did you see what Emma Stone wore to...?"

27. "Is this fedora too hipster?"

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28. "My ASOS order is waiting for me at campus mail!"

29. "I always lay out my outfit the night before."

30. "I'll need a strapless bra."

31. "Uggs in the summer should be outlawed."

32. "Do you think I can pull off flatforms?"

33. "Wanna go to Urban?"

34. "She looks way better with bangs."

35. "Thanks! I got it on sale!'

36. "I spent all last night scrolling through pics from the Met Gala."

37.  "Did you get the September issue yet?"

38. "I'm so mad Conde Nast stopped offering internships!"

39.  "That dress would be amazing with a red lip."

40. "I can't wait to wear fall clothes!" (We've been saying this, um, daily this week.)

What do you think?

Do you ever say any of these things? What's the most hilariously fashion girl thing you've ever said? Share in the comments!

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