September 2018 Favorites: The 5 Things I Loved Last Month

September was all about the moments.
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If 2018 could stop flying by at the speed of light that would be amazing, because I can't believe October is here. October is my favorite month of the year because of one reason: Halloween, AKA the greatest holiday in existence. So while I'm scheming my costume, I still think September was a pretty great month. 

September was the month of moments, as school officially just started two weeks ago for me. September was celebrating my little brother's birthday, moving back to school, finishing out one of my jobs on campus, and starting two others. The month was entirely me making it minute-by-minute, trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing next, and it was amazing. 

Here are some of my favorite moments and things that I flew through the month with.

1. Going to a Concert - Solo! 

My very first solo concert! I went to see Tessa Violet and Dodie Clark at the Showbox in Seattle. 

This year I want to do things I am uncomfortable doing alone. I am very good at being alone with things one might do alone, like shopping and exploring or coffee shop and museum visits. All of those I can do with ease, but being alone where so many other people go with a friend or partner? That is hard. 

Attending a concert solo was my very first goal. I had been to this venue before, and I shared my location so I was being adventurous but safe. It was so much fun. I got to see others and be present in an environment where you might normally be focused on experiencing it with another person. (Which is awesome too, don't get me wrong!) 

I had never listened to Tessa Violet, so I was introduced to new music, and I love Dodie and she performed wonderfully. 

2. Natural Deodorant


The scent I use is Pure Vanilla.

Natural deodorant is something I've been "experimenting" with for probably a year or more and it's been a journey. I've tried lots that worked for a little while and then stopped, and ones that stopped me from sweating but not odor. Lavanilla's "The Healthy Deodorant" is the first one I've tried that has done a little bit of both. I still sweat, because natural deodorants aren't antiperspirants, but I don't smell at the end of the day. Sometimes I try deodorants and my body chemistry gets used to it, but, so far, this still works well for me. 

Just a note! I tried many natural products that YouTubers or friends swore by that didn't work for me! Natural deodorants react to body chemistry on a personal basis, so what works for me might not work for you. Trial and error is how I found what worked for me.

3. Thrifted Artwork 

While this isn't my photo, I too have developed a love for thrift shopping art and postcards. There are a number of thrift shops in my neighborhood that I've found great clothes at, but recently I discovered their art sections and have never looked back. 

Decorating with art on a college budget is pretty limited and I have scored on some amazingly unique zines, postcards, and paintings that people just didn't want anymore. My art wall in my room looks amazing, and I am slowly filling the blank space. 

4. Hozier's "Nina Cried Power" EP


Hozier suits all my wandering through the woods moodiness. 

Hozier released a new album. Let me repeat, Hozier released a new album! I love Hozier and his songs always give me wood nymph, wander the city alone at night, moody vibes. The whole EP is amazing to listen to when I'm walking around my city, or at night when it's raining. My favorite songs are "NFWMB" and "Moment's Silence (Common Tongue)".

5. Greens Powder 


This has been great at helping my stomach feel good when it's feeling bad. 

To explain this favorite, you have to know that it's not a protein powder, it's a greens powder. I have a lot of stomach aches, and stomach problems that occurred over the past four years or so, and this last year I was introduced to this product. I tried it out a bit and then took a break. 

Recently, I picked it back up and it's been great at helping me get extra greens and fruit into my diet, and helping my stomach at the same time. My favorite flavor is the Summer Berry Pomegranate. So good!

Those were my September favorites; what were yours?

What were your favorite foods/music/beauty/fashion/moments this month? Are you excited for October? I can't wait to come up with my Halloween costume. Let me know what your favorites were in the comments section!

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