Quiz: What Stress-Relieving Hobby Should You Pick Up?

Find out how you should melt away stress!
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As schools start back up, you may feel the stress of classes setting back in. It’s easy to get anxious in the whirlwind of new schedules, activities, and assignments. A good way to combat this feeling is to pick up a pressure-melting hobby!

The new year is the perfect time to pick up something new, so explore all sorts of options for diversions. Take the quiz below for a head start on finding a hobby you’ll love!

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You love soft scarves, warm hats, and fuzzy blankets. Knitting is a hobby that’s not too hard to start, especially if you know someone who can help. The few materials you need are inexpensive and portable, so you can carry them around in your backpack and work during your downtime. Start with easy projects like hats and scarves, and once you’re in practice, you can make practically anything! Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier, and don’t forget to gift yourself: There’s nothing better than an accessory you created on your own!


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You love amazing food, so why not learn how to make your own? Most college women know at least the basics of cooking, but learning new recipes is fun, and if you share your creations, you’re bound to make new friends. Instead of going out to eat with the squad, make it a friends-night-in and whip up your own dinner! If everyone pitches in for the ingredients and works together, you’ll all save money, and have tons of fun. It’s easy to find recipes that are simple and affordable. To start, I recommend this one and this one.


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You are the queen of aesthetics – you innately understand what looks good. With photography, you can capture the beautiful moments all around you. Photography is versatile, so no matter your interests, you can find a subject. To start, take a nature walk and capture the scenery on your phone camera. Take candid photos of your friends. Get up early and get some snaps of the sunrise. Your photos will make great decorations, so print them out and hang them up around your desk proudly! If you fall in love with the hobby, an investment in a nice camera will take your work to a new level. Happy snapping!


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You often find yourself wrapped up in stories and falling in love with fictional characters. So why not take up writing and create your own? Hunker down with a journal in your dorm or bring your laptop to your favorite coffee shop and let the words flow. Writing anything from a full-blown novel to a series of short poems to a journal entry about your day will help you unwind. Writing is great for managing your emotions, as it allows you to release and analyze them. Whether you share your work or keep it for yourself, writing is a fun and beneficial hobby that creates an outcome unique to you.

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