The Busy Girl’s Guide to Prepping for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re travelling, hosting, or just hanging out, be prepared.

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We can all agree that most of November is spent counting down the days to Thanksgiving break. But how prepared are you for the holiday? Do you have your travel plans made? Are you hosting Friendsgiving? Are you just kicking it by yourself this Thanksgiving?

No matter your plans, you have to first…well, plan and prepare. With so much going on so soon, it can be hard to keep everything together. First, take a deep breath…and now let’s start planning.

Step One: Prioritize Your To-Do List

It’s a simple step, but an important one: define your priorities. While it is super nice to be able to do all the easy things first, there’s usually a reason why we have to face the bigger challenges now rather than later. (For instance, booking your plane ticket and arranging who’s going to pick you up from the airport is probably higher priority than packing for your trip.)

Plus, reminding yourself of your priorities can also help you remember things later on. For instance, if you prioritize (and make a note of) finishing up your schoolwork before the holiday break, with some relaxed study time during that time, you’re more likely to remember to pack your class notes for easy studying!

It just takes a minute. What I do is break down what is all going into my big goal. For example, hosting a dinner party with friends can be broken down into categories such as remembering to invite said friends, buying and preparing the food, and deciding what you want to do after dinner. 

From there, you can break it down further, and usually, the category with the most steps or the most urgency is the one to prioritize now. Again, super simple, but super helpful!

Step Two: Communication, Communication, Communication

Even if it’s just communicating with yourself, communication is key to any good planning.

Be sure to mark any important reminders and notes in places where you’ll see them. Keep your guests updated on when to get there and what to bring as soon as you figure it out so you don’t have to worry about telling them later. Text your parents to let them know what your travel plans are. The list goes on and on.

My tl;dr point: telling others (and yourself) about the expectations you have planned just makes it easier for everyone.

Step Three: Finish Up

Just a few final touches and you’re all done! This is the part of the plan where you can finally do the smaller and easier tasks, because now you don’t need to get the ball rolling. 

Check in with yourself and anyone else involved in your holiday plans to make sure all that hard work won’t be undone by a day of relaxation and just settle in to enjoy your pre-Thanksgiving/holiday weeks.

An Outfit Perfect for Any Plans

Products: Jeans – Hollister, Shirt – Amazon, Shoes – H&M, Cardigan – J.Crew Factory, Lipstick – Target, Eyeshadow – Maybelline

With how busy things can get before the holidays, this is the perfect time to just stick to the basics wardrobe-wise. For me, this means neutrals

Reach for your trusty skinny jeans and black turtleneck for a no-thought-required outfit base. (Some might disagree, but for me a high-collared shirt is always an essential for casual cool vibes.) Layer on a cardigan for contrast and extra warmth (the boots further enhance both), and you have a good foundation.

The makeup is simple and low-maintenance enough for those times when you’re balancing schoolwork and planning a dinner for you and your five closest friends. For an extra bit of color that even the boldest lipstick can’t provide, I suggest adding your favorite scarf or necklace, or layering an army green vest over (practically the epitome of fall couture).

What do you think?

What are your plans for this upcoming Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite thing about the holiday? What are you busy girls up to–and what do you need help with? Let us know in the comments!

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