4 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

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Personal Vision statement

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These days, it's easy to get caught up in what's happening around us, especially when it comes to our friends and social life. At this point in our lives, it's important to spend time with the people around us and live-up the college experience, but truthfully, that can only take us so far. It's also important for us to be independent and to have our own drive and direction.

That's why it's such a good idea to have your own personal vision statement. As a college senior, I now wish I had spent time earlier in my college career to reflect on what I really want out of life. It wasn't until this year that I realized how I want to make a difference in a cause that is important to me.

So learn from me! No matter where you are in your college career, it's never too early or too late to figure out what you want to work for.

But first, what is a vision statement? It's 1-5 sentences that describes who you want to be, what you value, and what you want to do. It's meant to be referenced daily so it guides your everyday and long-term decisions.

Below, I'll tell you the top 4 reasons why you should create your own personal vision statement:


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1. You'll always be moving forward.

With a written statement of where you want to go in life, you'll be much more likely to keep moving in that direction. It's difficult to accomplish anything if you don't know what you're working for, goal-wise. Write it out for yourself so you know where you're going -- it'll help tremendously to have something tangible to direct you.

2. You'll have something to fall back on.

Maybe something you were working toward didn't pan out - that's okay! If that happens, you'll always have your vision statement to fall back on, which will help remind you of your most important goals. It's also okay if your vision statement changes with time -- different things will be important to you during different phases of your life.

3. You won't burn out.

It can be tough to sustain motivation over a long period of time, but even harder if you don't believe in what you're working toward. If you have a personal vision statement that is clearly directing you in the way you want to move, you can be sure that you'll always believe in it. You wrote it, after all, so it's what you want.

4. You will inspire others.

One of my favorite things to do is to talk with someone else about something they're passionate about. It's incredibly inspiring to see how fired-up people can get about the cause they're working for -- so inspiring that it motivates me to work harder toward my own goals. The great news is you can be that person to someone else! The people around you will recognize your passion and your motivation, and it will inspire them to find out what they're passionate about, too.

Next Time: How to Write Your Vision Statement

Convinced? Start thinking about what's important to you. Next time around, I'll be discussing how to write your own personal vision statement!


Now tell me what you think: Do you already have a personal vision statement? Have you considered one before? How has it helped you? Do you have tips for someone trying to write their own vision statement? Let us know! Please leave a comment sharing your experience! We'd love to hear from you!

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