Date-It-Yourself: 3 Outdoor Spring Date Ideas

Now that the weather is warm, grab your significant other and try one of these fun, low-cost date ideas.
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With finals ending and summer right around the corner, it's time to ditch the desk and get outside for some fun in the sun. In celebration of Boston finally emerging from about six months of winter, today I'm going to recommend some creative outdoor ideas you can try with your boo (or your bff!) that can all be accomplished on a college budget.

These fun date ideas will allow you to engage your creative (or competitive!) spirit and have a great time outside with bae. All these ideas require little to no money, which is sure to make your partner swoon, because spoiler alert: college students are broke.

Drop the books and enjoy these three outdoor date ideas:

1. Bike Ride and Outdoor Movie Screening 

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Invite your boo out to a fun afternoon enjoying and exploring your city's neighborhood on bikes. If you live in one of the cities that offers rental Citi Bikes, a single day pass is just under $10, and grants 24 hours of riding. Many universities also offer bike sharing programs for free. 

After a ride off-campus, enjoy one of the free events your college city is offering this spring, like an outdoor movie screening. For a comprehensive list of events, check with your college's events board or visitor information office, or check out Cronomio, a new event sharing app that will let you know what's coming up near you!

2. Homemade Dinner Al Fresco

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Start off the evening with a spontaneous trip to your local farmer's market or grocery store, pick up everything you'll need for a homemade dinner, then head to your dorm's kitchen and whip up a unique creation together. If you're not feeling the supermarket, you can always challenge each other to create the most unique dining hall creation you can think of. For inspiration, I recommend checking out the "Dining Delights" series by The Harvard Crimson.

When you're done with your masterpiece, take it outside with a blanket for some dining al fresco on the quad. Enjoy the setting sun, your culinary creations, and the love in your partner's eyes :)

3. Team Water Gun Hide and Seek 

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For this one, you'll need a few more willing couples to participate. Hook everyone up with dollar store water guns, and split into teams. One team hides and one team seeks, but there's a twist— a seeker has to hit a hider with his/her water gun for that person to be out. Also, if a hider hits a seeker before a seeker hits them, they are set free to hide in a new spot. 

Team up, spread out onto the quad just around sunset, and unleash your friends' competitive spirits. If you and your boo decide to join separate teams, definitely take the opportunity to drench them with your water gun!

What do you think?

What are your favorite low-cost date ideas for spring/summer? Will you be trying any of these ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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