How to Get the Internship of Your Dreams: Part 5

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This is the last installment of our series on getting the internship of your dreams! If you've missed out on the other steps, read up on how to clean up your internet identity, how to prepare an incredible resume and cover letter, where to find fashion-related internships, and our interview tips, then come back to this post.

In this installment, we're going to give you fashionable options to wear on interviews and to the workplace. These tips will focus on jobs and internships in fashion. Although many internships and jobs have more strict dress codes that require more conservative outfits, working in the fashion world means expressing your style and reflecting trends each and every day. A simple pantsuit doesn't always cut it!

If you are looking for more typical interview and job outfit choices, read How To Dress for a Job Interview, Must-Haves for Interviews and Work and Outfits for Under $100: Business Casual on a Budget. For fashion-related jobs, however, read on!

Working in fashion presents a tricky dressing situation - although there are many funky trends to wear, you must always keep in mind that you are still in a work environment, so it is important to keep everything appropriate and looking put-together. Need help? Check out these outfits for inspiration!

Outfit 1: Trendy in Trousers

What to wear to an interview

Trousers - Topshop, Tank Top - Old Navy, Necklace - Forever21, Blazer - Forever21, Shoes - Forever21

High-waisted trousers with a blazer are an instant way to be trendy yet still have a structured, put-together look. This outfit includes several trends, such as button detailing on the trousers, a tribal necklace, and a menswear-inspired blazer. The bright red shoes add a pop of color, which is perfect for spring. There is a lot of detail to this outfit, from the slitted shoes to the buttons on the trousers, which is important when dressing for a job or interview in fashion. Remember: your colleagues are fashionistas too! They're going to be checking out your outfit!

Outfit 2: Neutral Tribes

Interview inspirational outfit

Tights - Modcloth, Dress - Net-a-Porter, Bag - Piperlime, Jacket - Maruione, Booties - Forever21, Earrings - Asos

This outfit is a great interview outfit for spring. It includes a few trends like neutral colors and tribal prints, which shows that you are up to date on the latest looks. However, it is not overly done since each piece, with the exception of the bag and shoes, is also a basic.

Although the dress may seem a little too revealing for work, with tights, booties and a leather jacket, it is instantly transformed into a stylish interview outfit. You can even throw a sweater on as well for extra layering. Since this outfit is extremely trend-oriented, it should be worn in a more casual work place. For example, I interned over the summer at a marketing firm in NYC and the dress code included jeans, leggings and sundresses. This would have been the perfect outfit to wear!

Outfit 3: Pretty in Tweed

What to wear to a fashion interview

Linen Blazer - Forever21, Body Suit - Forever21, Necklace - White House Black Market, Tweed Pants - Forever21, Shoes - Dorothy Perkins called tweed one of Spring 2010's most wearable trends, and this trend is the perfect one to bring into the office. Combined with a form fitting body suit and an oversized light pink blazer, you immediately look professional while incorporating trends from this season. The Mary Jane-style shoes add a girly effect to the outfit, while the statement necklace makes everything pop without being too daring or overwhelming.

Outfit 4: Chambray Prep

Another outfit to wear to an interview

Button-up - Evanity, Scarf - Topshop, Skirt - Alloy, Shoes - Kays

This outfit is also perfect for a less conservative, fashion-forward work place. It incorporates the nude and chambray trends seen on runways for spring 2010, as well as ever-popular leopard print, which always adds fierceness to an outfit. The button-up shirt keeps this outfit basic and conservative without looking matronly. I'd tuck in the shirt for a more polished look. This outfit could not be more perfect for working on a spring day in NYC or LA!

Tips For Dressing For an Interview (Not Just in Fashion)

- Dress for the job you want, not the job you're interviewing for or already have. This is a life rule in my opinion. Dressing up makes you feel good, which therefore motivates you to be the best you can be. Plus, from the outside, it looks like you are taking control of your destiny and would be a fitting candidate for a higher position than you already have.

- Don't go overboard with makeup, hair and perfume. Don't use an interview to experiment with a new look, scent or 'do. Stick to what works for you already.

- Keep your things wrinkle free! Ironing always works, but there are also great products out there right now (such as Downy's wrinkle release spray, which my friends and I swear by) that only require a quick spraying, smoothing and a few minutes to dry.

- Make sure your shoes aren't scuffed and your clothes are stain free. These are basic things to remember, but sometimes, in the anxiety before an interview, you can be a little frazzled! Try on and lay out your outfit the night before, and make sure to inspect yourself from all angles to make sure you look the best you can!

- Take out any piercings that may be a little too much. If you are interviewing somewhere where piercings are acceptable, then keep them in and show your true style! However, many work places may be turned off by piercings and tattoos, so use your judgment and go more conservative when in doubt.

What do you think?

Would you wear any of these outfits to an interview for a fashion-related job? If you don't want to work in fashion, can you find inspiration in these outfits to help spice up your more conservative work-wardrobe? Do you have any more interview attire tips? Let us know in a comment!

Thank you all for reading this series! I've gotten such fabulous feedback from you guys and I know that it is internship application season, so I hope these tips have helped you all out! Good luck on finding and landing the internship of your dreams!

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