How to Enjoy NYE Without Falling Apart

A guide to ringing in the new year, sans breakdown.
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New Year's Eve has a tendency to make us excited for the future and also wary of the past. A rush of nostalgia is injected into our veins, and makes us think about everything we've done (and haven't) in the past twelve months. 

Typically, NYE is a time of celebration, light and champagne. But it's also common to feel a sense of disappointment and anxiety about everything you've gone through in the past year. 

2015 might not have been a ray of sunshine for all of us, and that’s perfectly OK. If you saw more failures than successes or still feel like you’re not where you think you should be, partying all night might not seem like such an enticing idea. Whatever has happened, it is now gone and it does not mean you should ring in the new year with a clouded mindset. With the following tips, I hope you can get psyched for a new start in 2016!

1) Reflect on Paper

A new year inevitably makes us want to reflect on the old one. However, by just thinking about the past year, we usually only focus on the bad things. Instead, take the time to actually write down all the good and not-so-good things that happened this year so you can look at them critically. Try to understand why those things happened and how you can approach them differently in the new year. Most importantly, remember to rejoice in the good things! The fact you even made it through the year is an accomplishment in itself.

Fun tip: For 2016, keep an envelope or jar throughout the year and write down when good things happen (including the date) and slip them into your keeper of choice. At the end of 2016, you’ll be able to see in your own writing all the great things that happened. I’m sure there will be lots! 

2) Watch your favorite movies

This winter break, I’ve indulged in all of my favorite flicks (obviously using my time wisely). They range from my favorite Disney movie (Anastasia) to classic movies from the '90s (Clueless). 

What I love about re-watching your favorite movies is that you remember why they make you feel good. Whether it makes you want to dress more daringly or try new things, movies have a unique way of making you feel invincible. Movies expand our minds in ways that other mediums can't. And they're always available. Friends may not be there to inspire you at all hours of the day — but fictional characters always will.

3) Plan out NYE ahead of time

If you’re like me and huge parties at the club are not your thing, I advise that you still plan out your time at home. No matter how bad you feel, there’s always a sense of magic in the air on NYE and deep down you might will feel bad that you’re not doing anything special. Don’t do that to your future self! 

If you’re staying at home, create a cool playlist, pick out an outfit you love, wear your best perfume, buy your favorite snacks, and have a ball. Even if you're by yourself or just with family, it's important to remember you always have everything you need.

What are your NYE plans? Tell us in the comments!

To conclude, I hope wherever you are on December 31st, you're having fun and not being too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and bad decisions but we also have the power over how those things make us feel. When the fireworks go off at midnight, I hope the burdens in your heart burn out into the darkness, too. 

How are you going to celebrate the new year? Did anyone else have a tough 2015? If so, how are you going to enter 2016 with a positive mindset? Let's discuss in the comments.

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