5 DIY Projects to Make with Your Best Friend

Because crafting with a friend is twice as fun.
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DIY projects to do with your BFF

DIY Projects for BFFs to do together | Photo Credit

I love when school is out because it usually means I'm reunited with my best friend, who attends school nearly 1500 miles away from me. We always try to make the most of our shared time together, and sometimes this means going out to dinner, watching 13 Going on 30, or our new thing: crafting.

Over spring break, we had a full-on craft day where we made almost an entire scrapbook out of pictures we had taken together. We realized that crafting with a bottle of sparkling cider and some Teen Wolf (no judgement, please) on in the background is the perfect way to spend time with your best friend!

This summer we went on the hunt for crafts that we could display in our respective apartments to remind us of the other, and below are five of our favorite DIY ideas. Some of these projects may not seem like they're good for joint crafting, but we thought about little changes that make them perfect!

1. Dip-Dyed Frosted Glasses

dip-dyed frosted glasses

Photo Credit: Vicky Barone

Vicky Barone has an easy-to-follow tutorial that details how to create simple yet elegant dip-dyed tumblers. We wanted to find a wine glass DIY, but nothing caught our eye (let me know if you find a good one!), so we decided we'd still be classy and try these adorable glasses.

How we've added a best friend twist: we're buying two frost glass paints– one is my favorite color and the other is hers. She gives me one of hers and I give her one of mine! Hopefully you and your bestie like colors that complement each other :)

2. Flannel Scarves

Okay, I'll admit that the weather in Texas right now isn't conducive at all to wearing a scarf (or anything, really), but I'll just save mine for winter.

When we first stumbled across this project we were going to close the tab because we saw that it was a "His & Hers" project. However, why let this pesky label stop us! In Honor of Design's scarf idea sounds cute, and we're excited to try it out. There's not even anything you do differently to make this project BFF-friendly, because you pick out the fabric yourself.

3. Heart Friendship Bracelet

The title says it all. HonestlyWTF reinvents the friendship bracelet with a technique that produces adorable results, but to be honest will probably lead to us quitting in frustration. If you and your bestie are experienced crafters, check this one out.

4. Quote Board

I'm most excited about this tutorial. I've been dying to create one for a while with other quotes, but when I showed it to my friend we decided it was time to transform our list into something artsy. Since high school, my friend and I have been writing down memorable quotes the other has said. We never want to forget the moments that made us cry laughing!

We decided to use Photoshop to make our own printable quotes, and follow the rest of the instructions from Lemon Squeezy Home. If you aren't weird like us and haven't cataloged dialogue from the past five years, you can always type out your own sweet quotes to each other– words of advice, affirmation, etc. 

5. Teacup Garden

Okay... this one is a stretch and could probably be just as fun to make alone if I'm being honest. But making a teacup garden with my best friend sounds like more fun, plus there'll be the adventure while we go buy the plants. And if you want to get really cheesy I guess you could say the plant represents how our friendship has grown (here's to hoping it doesn't die).

But in all honesty, I probably won't look at my little plant without remembering how it came to be. So, make memories with your friend as you follow the guidance of The Inspired Room.

Will you and your BFF be trying any of these projects?

That's all that's on our list for now– we're not the craftiest people but we do try. Hopefully you can try one (or more) of these with a good friend and then show it off proudly even when you're apart. Happy crafting!

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