College Fashion Don't: Flip Flops in March

Is it OK to wear flip flops when there's still snow on the ground? This post will answer your question.
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Lacoste Flip Flops from Zappos

Maybe this will come as a newsflash to some people, given the unseasonably warm weather we've been having in New England lately, but.... IT'S STILL MARCH!

Now, I'm just as happy with the 55 degree temperatures as the next girl! It's amazing to be able to go outside without wearing a billion layers of clothing and sacrificing cuteness for practicality in my footwear. But some people just cross the line.

Thats right, I'm talking to you, girls at my school who wore flip flops today! I'm sorry if I'm offending some of you but it needs to be said. Repeat with me here. If there is still SNOW on the ground, you don't wear your flip flops outside. Period.

I don't care how warm you think it is out. I don't care how badly you want to trudge through a half-melted snow drift in your new flip flops. You do not look good. Not even if you wear the most adorable flip flops ever, like the Lacoste alligator thongs shown above. Not even then.

Resist the urge. Flip flops + snow = never, ever, ever cute.

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