Bonnaroo Bound: 6 Must-Pack Items for Music Festivals

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As mentioned in one of my previous articles, I'm headed to Bonnaroo - in fact, I'm heading there to volunteer. It's going to be such a blast, and there's no better way to experience this music festival than to help get it set up (and possibly meet a few of the bands!).

What I'm really worried about, though, is the fact that we will be camping the entire time. It's a lot to think about, and it means a long packing list. Not only will I have to pack all of my cute music festival outfits but I also have to think about my camping equipment, and making sure I don't end up stranded with three of the four tent poles I need.

I made list upon list, then did some googling, after which I found out that even with my major list making, I had overlooked some important items. Things that I never would have thought of until I actually needed them - thanks, Google search!

In this post, I'm going to tell you all about six must-pack items that you should definitely bring with you whether you're headed to Bonnaroo or any other summer music festival.Scroll down to check them out:

Things to pack for bonnaroo

1. A lock.

When you have to leave you things in a tent, or even a locker for the day, you want to make sure that you have some way to secure your belongings! There's nothing worse than the uncertainty of just zipping up your tent or leaving your valuables in a place where someone could snatch them up.

A padlock is well worth the money - you'll have peace of mind that your valuables are safe, so you can enjoy the festival to the fullest extent. Just make sure you remember the lock code or else you'll be tearing up your tent to get inside!

2. Baby powder.

There are so many uses for baby powder. Whether it be dry shampoo, powder to keep you from sweating, or even something to keep you from chafing when the sweat eventually gets to you (sidenote: ouch!), it's always good to carry a little bit of this around, because you never know when you'll need to use it.

What's great about baby powder is that not only does it come in travel sizes, but the twist cap makes sure it doesn't spill everywhere in your bag. There's nothing worse than getting baby powder all over your stylish music festival clothes, am I right?

3. Aloe gel.

Now, we're sure all our savvy readers will remember to bring sunscreen (and reapply), but sometimes the inevitable happens: you forget sunscreen one time and are left with a painful sunburn. That's where a soothing aloe gel comes in - it's something you normally don't think about until you need it! A sunburn is bad, but when you can't heal it quickly, it can be even worse.

Putting aloe gel on your sunburn at night will help speed up the healing process as well as offer relief from the pain. It'll even cool you down a bit so you can get a good night's sleep.

4. Baby wipes.

Baby wipes are another item that may not come to mind when you think "music festival", but they're definitely a must. These babies (pun intended!) are great for sensitive skin, plus they are a multipurpose item, just like the baby powder.

Use them to remove makeup, clean your hands, and wash up in case showers aren't readily available. Rather than keep around hand sanitizer, just bring a pack of these and clean your hands (and any other body part) on the go.

5. Ear plugs.

Think about it, you're trying to get a good night's rest for the next day of activities, but your tent neighbors are having their own version of a music festival. Ear plugs will fix that problem in no time! All excess noise will be canceled out, therefore you can get your beauty sleep and your neighbors can continue their 3AM party - it's a win-win.

Also, remember to get a container for your earplugs, so they don't get covered in dirt or dust - that's not a pleasant thing to put in your ears!

6. Fun socks.

So, socks are a given, right? You need something for your shoes, so that you don't sweat in them and get painful blisters, because there is no fix for that but time and band-aids. Therefore, have some fun with your footwear! I'm bringing some crazy socks to not only be comfortable, but also super-cute. It's the best kind of ice breaker for the person waiting in line with you.

Tell me what you think!

I am so excited to be a part of this experience, and thanks to this list, I'll be concentrating on have a blast rather than worrying about what I didn't pack. There will so many things to do and people to see that I can't wait to do it all. What's great is that I'll hopefully be seeing some of you guys there!

Now I want to hear from you. Are any of you guys going to a music festival this year? What will you be packing? Any other items I should remember to pack? Share some ideas and stories in the comments below!

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