Graduation Roundup: 30 Grad Caps That Truly Deserve an A+

Wave your cap in the air like you just don't care (but you totally do).
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Oregon State University Commencement

Oregon State University Commencement

Another year, another crop of original and hilariously insightful graduation caps. For spring 2017, we here at College Fashion found the best and brightest of the caps (i.e., the ones that scored high marks in our Style 101 books) and gathered them up to be immortalized on the web.

Recent graduates, look back and determine whether your grad cap was worthy enough to be listed on here. (Then, send us a pic because we want to see your top handiwork!) Rising seniors, start prepping.

1. This work of heart

Sunflowers and daisies, check. Motivational quote, check. One of the cutest graduation caps we've stumbled upon? Check.

2. This girly square 

From J.K. Rowling to the graduation floor.

3. This bejeweled flower crown

We love how classy this decked out floral cap is!

4. This Little Mermaid-inspired cap

Us too, girl. Us too.

5. This Harry Potter masterpiece

No, we're not crying; there's just something in our eyes!

6. This Legally Blonde number

We did it!

7. This witty B.S. grad cap

Tiptoeing the line between enlightened and just plain punny.

8. This Shakespeare illustration

The Bard would approve of this cute graduation cap idea.

9. This Mickey Mouse devotee

Mickey Mouse ears for a graduation cap? Genius.

10. This Instagram addict

So true.

11. This Autism Awareness puzzle piece

We love that this future educator is promoting Autism Speaks during her commencement!

12. This aesthetically pleasing cap

Because you can never go wrong with a marble pattern.

13. This future NYC resident

Looking at this cap, it's no surprise that the senior who made this is starting a career as a graphic designer!

14. This Hamilton statement


15. This intelligent fashionista

Now, that's a personality description we can get behind!

16. This Proverbs 31:25 quote

We're loving the flowers and typography on this cute graduation cap!

17. This T.S. Eliot reference

Combining a love for literature and a coffee obsession for commencement = brilliant.

18. This pearly artwork

We're not sure we'd have the patience to glue 1,500 little blue balls onto one cap, but kudos to this graduate for her amazing crafting skills!

19. This puptacular piece

In this case, honesty was the best, and most artistic, policy.

20. This catterific cap

Or, you can always go the kitty route if you prefer Tiger to Fido.

21. This glittery Kawaii craft

See if you can spot Totoro and No-Face in this eclectic mix!

22. This cap that was 5 years in the making

She managed to get Harry Potter references, Finding Nemo stickers, makeup tips, and travel ambitions all into one cap. This might just be the best thing ever!

23. This journey from babyhood

Started from the bottom now we're here (graduating).

24. This custom Mulan top

We're sure this grad looked beautiful after four years of adversity — oops, we mean college!

25. This Friends cap

So no one told you life was going to be this way...

26. This Star Wars lover

Darth Vader might not be the first person you'd think of quoting for commencement, but this cap is brilliant!

27. This unique take on graduation

The only thing it's missing is the soundtrack: Pomp and Circumstance.

28. This Leslie Knope meets Mickey masterpiece

We can't get enough of these cute Disney-inspired caps!

29. This Spongebob Squarepants joke

According to the maker of this grad cap, you get bonus points if you read it with the narrator's French accent.

30. This artistic globe

For our last cap, we're reminding you to thank your mom, dad, and anyone else who's helped you become the person you are today. 

Epilogue: The Grad Cap Challenge

It's not a true College Fashion grad cap roundup without community input!

If you have a graduation cap you believe deserves an honorable mention, comment below with a picture of it so that we can admire it, too! Whether it's your own heart's labour or from the desk of a budding artist friend, we're sure to think it's the bee's knees.

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