3 Ways to Get an Early Start on Moving Out

Learn how to move out of your apartment or dorm early with our tips on how to prepare for a move ahead of time.
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Hands down, no week during the semester is more stressful than finals week. Between ten-page papers, final projects, and studying for tests, even the most prepared student can feel overwhelmed from the pressure.

However, spring semester finals week has one more added concern that the fall semester does not: moving out. The last thing a college girl needs when she's trying to cram for five major exams is to try and pack up her whole life at the same time.

In order to combat the stress of moving out, here's a somewhat lesser-used solution: Moving out a large chunk of stuff early. By getting things done a little ahead of schedule, you'll be able to focus on your exams AND avoid the dreaded end-of-semester moving traffic.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a move ahead of time. Learning how to move out of your dorm will hopefully ease your end-of-semester stress.

1. Decide what you need and what you can live without.

If it's not quite finals week yet, now is the time to decide what items you can live without for couple of weeks. Are your drawers stuffed with winter clothes you haven't donned since mid-March? Is your bookshelf lined with several of your favorite book series, as well as your CD and DVD collections?

Starting now, go through your room and figure out which items you can take home early and start pack them in boxes prior to the day you actually move them out.

You may also want to consider moving out large pieces like refrigerators, microwaves and bookcases prior to finals week. (Leave your television. You'll want it for study breaks.) This way, you're not fighting with 20 other people over one elevator during the last week of the semester.

2. Set a date.

Look over your calendar and try to find a time that before finals week that works for both you and whoever is helping you move. Keep in mind this is the time in the semester when your workload is at its peak, so try to select a date that isn't right on top of when you have major projects and papers due.

Ideally, you want to aim to start moving out around two weeks before your finals week. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare before the big day. This way, you're not rushing around.

3. Have a talk with your roommate.

Pick a time and sit down with your roommate to let her know you plan to start moving out some of your stuff early, particularly if you plan on removing appliances. This way, she won't be shocked by a room full of boxes or a missing refrigerator and microwave.

Also, ask her about what her workload is like prior to selecting your date, so you're not creating lots of chaos while she's trying to study or write a final paper.

If she gives you a bit of a hard time about the removal of certain appliances, give her your reasons why you want to get rid of these things early. Be gentle, but firm, and help her look for an alternative place to store her refrigerated items.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of our move-out plan? Do you have a great early-move-out tip of your own? Share your thoughts below.

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