3 Ways to Deal with Senioritis in College

Learn how to deal with senioritis with our guide. PLUS: Tips on how to stay focused during your senior year of school.
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College girl with senioritis

We all remember our senior years of high school and how quickly or slowly they passed. The time with friends and those Friday night football games sped by too fast, while the endless days in class seemed to go by so slowly. Although you are enjoying the social aspect of school, the actual school work -- the papers, homework, whatever -- is getting tedious and you just want a change. You may have heard of a diagnosis for these symptoms: senioritis. The truth is... senioritis can happen in college, too.

As you approach your last terms of college classes, you may be feeling like you just want to get out! Or you might be scared of the post-graduation feeling of "now what?" If you're feeling that way, don't fret! I have come up with a few ways to cope with senioritis... or junioritis... or sophomoritis.

1. Take a "fun" class

I don't know about you, but my curriculum has absolutely zero, zero (!!!), electives. While I don't agree with this system -- aren't we supposed to be well-rounded contributors to society? -- I cannot help that whoever wrote my curriculum believes that flower arranging is a frivolous class and is not needed in the everyday life of a future teacher. Um, hello, I could create an entire month's worth of lectures on the parts of a flower! Okay, off my soap box.

Back to my point... to avoid senioritis, take a class every few semesters that has nothing to do with your curriculum and would just be fun to take! Sign up for that JFK conspiracy class, take ballroom dance, check out the Star Wars-as-literature class! Be sure to take it just for fun, and just because you want to. I highly recommend this if you have room in your schedule!

2. Relive freshman year

...but only a little. Remember the little things about your freshman year that excited you? Everything was new and you were a little scared but mostly ecstatic about the mystery and novelty of it all.

Why not relive a little of that experience now? Eat lunch in the cafeteria or dining hall. Go to the "caf" for breakfast and stay until lunch! Hang out on the 3rd floor of the library with some friends and almost get kicked out for "having too much fun in a library". Speaking from personal experience, that whole library thing is way more fun than it sounds.

Of course, you want to reminisce some but you don't want to become who you were 3 years ago. Since then, you have grown as a person and become more mature. But guess what? You can be an adult and still do the silly, fun things. Think about it: The Lion King premiered when you were really young and you loved it, but if you watched it now, would you turn into a 5-year-old again? Of course not. Celebrate how much you've grown but don't ever lose your sense of fun.

3. Be "in the now"

At this point in your college years, you are probably thinking about what you are going to do after graduation. While it is important to have goals and to know what you want, realize that until someone invents a time machine, you cannot fast-forward to the future when you will have it all figured out. Today you have a few classes, maybe work this afternoon, and then dinner with your best friends. Enjoy the semi-flexible schedule now before you have a regular 9-5!

College is one of the few times that you will be able to make your own schedule without a gazillion other people making it for you. Take advantage of your time before the "big-girl" world and live each day to the fullest - some day you'll look back and miss the carefree days of - you guessed it - senior year.


If you are a post-grad, how did you deal with senioritis? Current seniors, what do you do to keep senioritis at bay? Leave a comment and let's discuss!

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