3 Perfect DIY Gifts for Grads

DIY graduation gift ideas are featured. Gift ideas for graduates. What to get your friends on graduation day.
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We did it! After four long years of papers, classes, projects and tests, we seniors are preparing to walk across the stage and receive our diplomas. Real world, here we come!

However, in the midst of the celebration, there is one final thing we still have to figure out: What are we going to get our friends as graduation gifts?

While the generic "Congrats, Grad" teddy bears and mugs are always an option, we have some graduation gift ideas that are a little more personal. Even better, these gifts are all handmade, so they're perfect if you don't want to spend a ton of money! Read on to see our three favorite DIY graduation gift ideas.

1. Scrapbooks

college grad scrapbook

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While Facebook has made it easy to share photos with friends and the world, there is just something about old school photo albums and scrapbooks that feels more special and sentimental. They showcase a select group of valuable memories and are sure to become true treasures in the years to come.

It's so easy to create one of these special books for your close friends. Start by selecting your favorite photographs of you and your friend. Be sure to include pictures from big events like formals and concerts, as well as a few from small events like sporting events and girls' nights out. You can even add in little mementos like tickets, programs, or even coasters from you favorite hotspot.

Don't forget to add in special descriptions for each photo that describe where it was taken and why you chose it for the album! That way, your friend will always be able to look at the album and be reminded of you and the memories you share.

2. Mix CDs

college grad cd

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There's a reason television producers are so selective about the music they select for our favorite shows: They understand that a song can make or break a moment. The same goes for life. Sometimes, the right song can say so much more than your words ever could.

So why not play music mixer and create the soundtrack to your friendship? Go through your music collection to find the songs you feel tell the story of your friendship. Is there a particular song that describes your friend perfectly? One that was playing during a really special moment the two of you shared? One that celebrates your overall relationship? Arrange them in the way you feel they best fit together.

Stuck for song ideas? Here are few to get you started, with links to purchase the song on Amazon or iTunes:

3. Simple Cards

college grad card

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While a card may not seem like much, it can be one of the most touching gifts you could ever give a friend. Why? Cards give you the opportunity to truly express how you feel about your friend, what she means to you, and how your friendship with her has impacted your life.

You can go about this gift idea in one of two ways. You can either make your cards from scratch or by them pre-made. If you choose to make the card yourself, try to create something personal that represents her, you, and your friendship. If you plan to buy the card, opt for a blank card with a beautiful cover over the generic graduation ones. Fill you card with memories, words of encouragement for the future, and how your friend has changed your life.

Remember: Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the ones that mean the most.

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