Looks on Campus: Michelle, Dominica & Kayla - Georgia Southern University

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Looks on campus - fashionistas from Georgia Southern University

This is the best time of the year. Honestly, if you ignore those pesky bees, the gross pollen, and the ever-noticeable PDA... Spring is an absolutely gorgeous season. The weather is great, coats are off, and we can all dress how we want to without worrying about the weather!

And to celebrate spring fever, this week I bring you not one, not two, but THREE beautiful and stylish ladies from my campus. They're perfect inspiration for everyday college fashionistas!

Looks on Campus

From left to right, this is the gorgeous Michelle, the stunning Dominica, and the beautiful Kayla!

I met these three ladies at the park, relaxing, and these thrifting divas really made my day, because ALL of their outfits came straight from Goodwill! None of the items on their lovely bodies cost more than 10 bucks. Is that impressive or what?

Here is some more info on each girl's style, followed by an outfit inspired by each of these three fashionistas.


Michelle, a college fashionista at Georgia Southern University

Age: 19

Classification: Freshman

From: Colorado

Major: Biology/Pre-Med

Favorite places to shop? Goodwill, Forever 21

Inspiration: “All of my outfits are based around my shoes. I have an amazing shoe collection.”

Elements of Michelle's Style:

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Michelle's boots are on the left, Dominica's cute shoes are on the right.

Michelle said herself that she bases her outfits around her awesome shoes. And why not? These vintage cowboy boots go so well with her ensemble, and add a cute Wild, Wild Western flair to her outfit. Who wouldn't base an outfit around those boots?

Eclectic Jewelry

Eclectic Jewelry

A gorgeous statement piece of jewelry is essential to ANY outfit, and Michelle's Owl necklace does the trick beautifully.


Dominica, a college fashionista from Georgia Southern University

Age: 21

Classification: Sophomore

From: Originally from Connecticut

Major: Psychology

Favorite places to shop? Different consignment shops.

Inspiration: “My mother. She worked in fashion marketing in New York, and my cousin is a stylist. Her shop is called L'Amoire Du Styliste."

Elements of Dominica's Style

Vintage Accessories

Vintage Accessories

Dominica's vintage brown belt really adds excitement to her simple white summer dress, and her satchel is the icing on the cake! Even more impressive, both of these gorgeous pieces are Goodwill finds! Check out our article about thrifting, so the next time you go to Goodwill, you'll gain gorgeous vintage treasures like these!


Kayla, a fashionable college student attending Georgia Southern University

Age: 19

Classification: Sophomore

From: Macon, GA

Major: Graphic Design

Favorite places to shop? Goodwill, Urban Outfitters

Inspiration: "I don't really know, from everywhere, I suppose."

Elements of Kayla's Style

Bright Purse

Bright Purse

Spring is the time for colors! From soft pastels, to bright yellows like Kayla's bag, don't be afraid to add some excitement to your look with colorful pieces!

Stylish Hat

Kayla's Hat

Kayla's vintage wide brimmed hat will keep Kayla cool during the Georgia sun, while keeping her fashionably hot. Even better, a wide-brimmed hat will protect your skin from sun damage, something we can all agree is important!

Outfits Inspired by Michelle, Dominica, and Kayla


Using Ms. Michelle as a guide, this look features cute black cowboy boots, a chambray button down, white shorts, and gorgeous jewelry.

Inspired by Michelle

Product Information: Button-Up- Miss Selfridge, Earrings- Wet Seal, Tank- Tilly's, White Shorts- Old Navy, Boots- Mandee


This set features two different dresses, one floral (if you're feeling more daring) and one simple white dress, like the beautiful Dominca is sporting above. A vintage fedora and belt will really add oomph to the outfit, so check out that thrifting article above and find some timeless treasures!

Inspired by Dominca

Product Information: White Dress- Forever 21, Floral Dress- Wet Seal, Sunglasses- Garage, Hat- Fred Flare, Belt- American Eagle, Sandals- Walmart


Though a little different from Kayla's outfit, this set features both a stylish hat and a bold purse, mirroring the pieces found in Kayla's example.

Inspired by Kayla

Product Information: Tank- Forever 21, Sunglasses- Forever 21, Skirt- Delia's, Hat- Yes to Style, Purse- Hot Topic

What do YOU think?

Which of the three looks do you like the best? Which girl's style is closest to your own? Are you a thrifter? If so, share your tips on how/where to thrift!

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