Looks on Campus: Meghan - Guelph-Humber University

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Looks on Campus - Meghan - Guelph-Humber University

Meghan's Outfit

As I was walking into class, I couldn't help but notice Megan's plaid Dr. Marten’s, which made a huge fashion statement. Not only that, but the laces were even different colors! I could tell Megan had a really unique sense of style, so of course I had to stop her and ask her all about it.

Meghan 101

Name: Meghan

School: Guelph-Humber University

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Some more details...

Year in School: First Year

Hobbies/Interests: "Music - writing and playing the guitar"

Describe your style: "If I had to pick a style for myself, it would be bohemian."

Who/what inspires your style? "Jimi Hendrix inspires me; I really like the colors and scarves that he wore. I also like buttons."

Where do you shop/find clothes? "I like the go to second hand stores (Salvation Army) and thrift stores. I also like this independent store in Kitchener called 'Out of the Past.'"

Elements of Meghan’s Outfit

1. Boots

Since it’s winter time (and it's cold here in Canada), boots are a must! I liked the colors of Meghan's Doc Martens and how she added a fun twist with different shoe laces that complement the colors of the plaid. Dr. Marten’s boots are hot right now, and Meghan wore them effortlessly in this outfit. I also loved her cute leg warmers which added a little extra protection from the cold air.

Meghan's Boots - Doc Martens

2. Scarf

I like how Meghan took this lovely silk scarf and wore it as a nice hair accessory. This scarf incorporates two hot trends: bright colors and bold patterns. The pattern itself is kind of girly and feminine, yet Megan found a way to add a little edge to the scarf by tying it the way she did.

Meghan's Scarf

Looks Inspired by Meghan

Outfit 1:

Meghan’s outfit was very eclectic and boho-chic with a foundation of street smart style. Meghan taught me it’s about not being afraid to mix-and-match bold prints and colors together because taking a risk is what fashion is all about! Here's an outfit that emulates this fashion philosophy...

A great look inspired by Meghan

Product Information: H81 Cable Knit Cardigan- Forever 21, Knit Top- Delias, Mod/Retro Jacket- Modcloth, Blowfish Hiroshi Red Plaid Boots - Jildor Shoes, Oriental Print Chiffon Silk Square Scarf - Fozieri, Bangle- Luis Aviaroma, Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Jeans- Kohl's

Outfit 2:

This is another causal outfit inspired by Meghan. Here, we've featured a mixture of prints and fabrics. Additionally, there is a focus on layering and keeping warm.

Another great look inspired by Meghan

Product Information: Camille Sweater Cardigan- Forever 21, Striped Top- American Eagle, Skinny Jeans- American Eagle, Doc Marten's- DM USA Drugstore, Legwarmers- American Eagle, Headband- Barney's

What do YOU Think?

Meghan's style is definitely unique; do you agree? What aspects of her outfit make you the most inspired? Anyone else here sport Doc Martens? If so, how do you wear them? Let us know with a comment!

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