Looks on Campus: Margarita - New York Film Academy, Los Angeles

Margarita's futuristic, fashion-forward ensemble is bold and totally chic.
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I spotted Margarita sitting at the library as she prepared for finals in a incredibly stylish and equally cute ensemble. Her ability to incorporate metallics into a daytime look, while also wearing a t-shirt from her vacation in Prague, hinted at her unique opinions on fashion. I had to pick her brain to see why she put together this futuristic look.

Margarita 101

New York Film Academy LA Street Style

Name: Margarita

Home Country: Russia

School: New York Film Academy, Los Angeles

Major: Acting for Film

Year: Freshman

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style?  “My mood and the city I grew up in. I can see that people from Russia dress quite differently from Americans. Also, when I feel good and positive I like wearing brighter outfits and when I feel a little more mellow I will go for darker, more matte tones.”

Where do you like to shop? “I believe that you can find whatever you want almost everywhere. If you know your style and know what you are looking for, you will find pieces anywhere, from Forever 21 to Ted Baker.”

Describe your style in three words. “Bright, unusual, and Russian.”

What advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style? “If you really want to be fashionable and comfort is not a priority, just watch some YouTube and look at high fashion magazines. Find something interesting and wear it, even if it feels weird and uncomfortable. I feel that after recreating other people’s outfits, you will naturally develop the skills to create your own ensembles.”

Do you have a favorite fashion designer? “I like Vera Wang. Her wedding dresses are simply gorgeous. I could go through her Instagram and website for hours.”

What do you like to do for fun? “Acting! I study it in school and although it is work, it is a lot of things for me. It’s not just fun, but it is my favorite thing to do.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why?  “Doutzen [Kroes] and Candice Swanepoel, because they have a lot of dresses and outfits straight off the runway. Plus, they get to wear all the cute VS underwear, which I believe is a whole other level of fashion! No matter how casual they dress, it still looks stylish. I wish I could wear just leggings and a t-shirt and make it look fashionable.”

Elements of Margarita’s Outfit

1. Tourist T-Shirt

gold jacket and Prague tee

You know those t-shirts your grandma bought you the last time she went on a trip? Well, if you thought you could never wear it without looking like a tourist, you haven’t met Margarita! The way she incorporated this t-shirt she got in Prague makes it seem like something you would buy at a store that carries the latest trends.

2. Galaxy Print Sneakers

galaxy print sneakers

In order to tie in the colors of her t-shirt, she wore these super-cool sneakers with an edgy galaxy pattern. This print has been everywhere lately, from leggings to t-shirts, and it really transforms these otherwise casual kicks.

What do you think of Margarita's bold look?

Would you rock this style? Would you ever buy sneakers with a galaxy print? How do you style your tourist tees? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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