Looks on Campus: Justine - Yale University

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Looks on Campus - Justine from Yale University

Justine's face

When it comes to world of fashion and beauty at Yale University, it is impossible to miss the overwhelming presence and impact of Justine, caught here on good ol' Old Campus.

Justine, our Yale fashionista of the week


Co-founder of Yale’s Movement for Beauty and Justice, Justine’s goal is to “promote a core philosophy that everyone can practice that we believe will enrich people’s lives and lead to a more just and happy society” via “academic research, intellectual inquiry, and dialogue with governmental officials and organizations.” Current projects involve the fight against homelessness, a justice and morality literature program, and the development of public programs to create beauty in developing countries.

On a less life-changing, but just as intriguing, note, Justine was recently named one of Yale’s “50 Most Beautiful.” Surprising? Hardly.

Name: Justine

Class: 2012

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: “Lots of places, actually. My Dad is an archeologist, so we moved around a lot. So, I guess Bolivia, Thailand, Italy, France, and Chicago.”

Interests: “Running, horseback riding, philosophy, and opera.”

What is your favorite store? “It would have to be Auction in Paris.”

If money wasn’t a factor, where would you shop? “If I could afford anything I wanted, it would be definitely be anything classic French, Prada, and/or Lanvin.”

Style Inspiration? “Audrey Hepburn meets Marie Antoinette!”

Favorite style era? “I would love to live in and wear the fashions of the 18th century.”

Why did you choose this outfit? “I love flower patterns! they make me happy and remind me of spring in Paris.”

Justine's bag

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Justine's Shoes

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