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Now that midterms are done, the mid-semester blues are setting in and apathy is hitting everyone hard. Students are skipping class, and not shredding a thought about what they’re wearing as long as it’s something that’ll keep them warm through the chilly weather.  Books can be found on-top of the heads of sound-asleep students, and everyone is counting down the sweet, sweet days until winter break.

Through the despondent mood that surrounds campus, I caught Julia casually lounging in her brightly-colored ensemble, where she seemed a bit out of place in the gloomy mood that surrounded the lobby, and was happy to chat with me about fashion.

Julia, a college fashionista from Michigan State University

Julia 101

Name: Julia

Major: Residential College of Arts & Humanities

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hobbies/Interests: Photography, theater, participating in shows hosted by the Roial Improv Players (a student group at MSU that puts on at least one performance a month in the basement of Snyder-Phillips Hall), reading, being outdoors, food, and fashion.

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style?
“I don’t know! My mom, I guess. My mom still has a lot of old clothes I like to borrow, and I was brought up going to thrift stores for fun with my family, so I think my sense of style has been influenced a lot by that.”

So are thrift stores your favorite place to shop?
“Like I said, I was brought up going to thrift stores. They’ve always been a sort of family activity. We always go to thrift/vintage stores on family vacations. It’s always an adventure. You never know what you’re going to find!"

Do you like to shop anywhere else?
“Not really. I find actual stores overwhelming and over-priced. I don’t have a lot of money being a college student and everything, so I’m always advocating thrift stores to my friends. It’s a really fun activity to do with other people! Sometimes you’ll find the most hilarious things and make fun of it like, ‘look at this tacky sweater, who would ever wear this!"

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why?
“Mondo from Project Runway. I just want to raid his closet of all the things he’s made. He just makes the most crazy, wacky things that are really interesting and unique. I was so upset when he didn’t win!”

I know, me too! How would you describe your sense of style?
“It changes day by day… I don’t think I can really categorize it. I guess you could say I fit into the category of ‘hipster,' I have those big framed glasses and everything. But I’m not a hipster. I swear. I don’t smoke and I’m not a snob about music.”

What fashion advice would you give to other students?
“Don’t spend too much money on clothes. It’s a problem. I hate when people say, ‘I spent $80 on jeans!’ when you can get a pair of jeans for $20. This is only my opinion, though.”

Elements of Julia’s Outfit

Bright Colors and Unique Accessories

Bright and unique accessories

Bright colors really take the "boring" out fall/winter clothing. So make a statement this season and stand out from the crowd by rocking some eye-catching hues. If you are interested in bright colors, check out this CF article! I also love Julia’s hairpin and matching turquoise jewelry. “The hairpin is actually made out of the bottom of a bottle! I got it at some art fair,” she said.

Studded Pumps

Studded pumps

Julia’s studded pumps add personality to her outfit, creating a retro edge. Studded pumps are a great investment and can be added to any outfit for a casual or dressier look, while adding a fun retro glam twist.

What do you think?

Would you wear bright colors together for the fall? What do you think about thrift store shopping and Julia’s thrift store finds? Let us know with a comment!

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