Nail Art Tutorial: Yin-Yang Nails

Learn how to recreate this classic (and currently trendy) design on your fingertips. It's way easier than you think!
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Ying Yang Nails

Yin-yang symbols are not only beautiful, but they also have an interesting meaning behind them. The yin-yang symbol represents the good within the evil and evil within the good. Yin-yangs are definitely on-trend at the moment, and can be found on all sorts of shirts and accessories.

This black-and-white design is super-classic, chic and easy to recreate. Below, I'll show you how you can create your own yin-yang nail art. Scroll down to check out my tutorial:

You will need:

How to achieve this look:

Ying Yang Nails: Step 1

Yin-Yang Nails: Step 1

Apply your base coat, then wait for it to dry. Next, apply two coats of white nail polish to your nails. This will provide an opaque base for your design.

Ying Yang Nails: Step 2

Yin-Yang Nails: Step 2

Use a toothpick dipped in black nail polish to draw a sort-of stretched out reverse ”S” shape. This will be your guideline to fill in the black section of the yin-yang. If it’s not perfect, do not worry! You can touch it up when you fill in the black polish.

While your black polish is still poured out and ready to go, place a dot on the upper left corner of your nail or the part where the curve is caving in (it might change depending on how you drew your “S”). If you get confused, you can look up images of yin-yang symbols or take a peek at my finished look. This dot represents the evil within the good.

Yin Yang nails: Step 3

Yin-Yang Nails: Step 3

Use your black polish to fill in the right side of you nail. Though we used a toothpick to create the line and dot, using the nail polish brush works faster for this step. However, if you’re unsure of your ability to fill in the line without making a mess, continue to use that toothpick!

Now, create your good within the evil by placing a white dot onto the black part of your nail with your toothpick. Make sure the white dot is diagonal to the black one. Boom! You’re finished.

The finished nail art look!

Yin Yang manicure

What do you think?

Would you wear this nail art? What sort of nail design would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments.

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