Fashion Challenge: Do Something New with Your Hair

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The easiest way to boost your confidence and get your day started on the right foot is by making your hair look awesome! By now, most of you have probably figured out a tried-and-true method of keeping your hair looking great. But why not spend a little extra time this week breaking out of your hair comfort zone? After all, summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new style!

This week's Fashion Challenge is to play around and do something new with your hair. Need a few ideas to get you started? Read on!

Fun Hairstyles to Try This Week

Seventies Volume


Characters like Snookie have given poofed hair a bit of a bad rep - but that doesn't mean you can't try the style yourself, in a classier way. My inner southern girl has always loved making my hair as big as possible, and no reality star will ever stand in my way!

My trick for voluminous hair? Pick up a teasing comb from your local beauty supply store, the kind that has 3 rows of teeth (they're only a couple dollars!). Sprinkle a bit of hair powder on your roots, then tease away! Finish with light hairspray.

After your hair is good and teased, pull it into a ponytail, half up and half down, or leave it down for a foxy Brigitte Bardot-inspired look.

Fishtail Braid


Although this style looks complicated, fishtail braids are surprisingly easy to do. In my opinion, the messier the braid, the better! Let strands fall out and frame your face for the cutest look.

Click here to learn how to weave a fishtail braid!

Middle Part

Rachel Bilson center part hair

Since so many of us are stuck in side part ruts, it takes a fearless girl to pull off a middle part -- but I think it's something we should all try at least once! Rachel Bilson does this beautifully with fresh-faced make up and silky smooth hair.

If you want to rock a middle part, just make sure you aren't wearing too many "boho" type items -- flared jeans, fringe, crochet, etc. -- people might mistake your fashion-forward look as a hippie costume!

Retro Waves

Haley reinhart wavy hair

There's nothing prettier or more girly than soft retro waves. Ever since I saw The Notebook, I've been hooked on this style! This look can be accomplished with hot rollers or a curling iron, but be sure to add plenty of shine and a side part for the best look.

Not sure how to do these? Click here for a step by step retro waves tutorial!

Brightly Colored Hair


Coloring your whole head might be a little extreme for non-celebrities (although how fabulous is Nicki Minaj's ever-changing hair?), but I love the look of a neon streak or two! You can pick up clip-in extensions at most beauty supply stores.

For tips on dying your hair a neon shade, check out our post on how to create a purple streak in your hair! Or if you want a bigger change, why not try the dyed red hair trend?

Beach Waves


Nothing is more summery than sexy beach hair! Next time you get out of the shower (or pool, or ocean) let your hair part naturally and spray some salt spray into damp hair. After five to ten minutes, spray your hair with a little more hairspray or salt spray and scrunch again. Repeat until you get the curliness you desire.

This hairstyle looks wonderful with bronzer, a bit of brown mascara, and some shimmery lipgloss!

High Ponytail

Kim Kardashian rocking a high ponytail hairstyle

This style is so basic, but often overlooked. There is something so chic about a high ponytail (especially one with a little volume, like our girl Kim K is rocking). With your hair up, the attention will be on your beautiful face, so it's the perfect time to experiment a bit with your makeup, too.

For the perfect bump-free ponytail, flip your head upside down, spray your crown with hairspray, then pull it together before flipping back over. Spray with hairspray one more time after your hair is fastened.

CF Reader Looks

Here are some CF readers who took this week's Fashion Challenge! If you want to be featured here, see the instructions below for sending in your photos and info.

Kaile - Washington State University Vancouver

A CF reader from Washington State University Vancouver with blue hair

Best hairstyling tricks: If you try a bright color, make sure to bleach it first! I left it white for a time and then decided to go for a brighter color for summer. I've found that using shampoo for color treated hair really does make it last longer. Also, the way I get my hair to not be stick straight: leave it wrapped up in a towel for a little bit after your shower, then let air dry, without brushing. My hair dries in slight waves and seems to have more volume. Plus, not brushing it every day cuts down on breakage!

Took the Challenge? Send Us Pictures and Tell Us Your Story!

Did you do something different with your hair this week? Take a few snapshots and send them the fashionchallenge AT along with your name, school, the URL of your blog if you have one, and some of your best hair styling tricks. We'll feature your photos here, and drive a little extra traffic to your blog as well :)

What do you think?

Do you stick to a usual routine with your hair, or do you like to change it up? What are your favorite go-to hairstyles when you're in a hurry? Have any neat tricks you can share with us? Leave a comment and tell us your secrets!

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