3 More Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Want to learn more about makeup and how to apply it? Look no further than the video tutorials of these YouTube beauty vloggers.
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I have a confession to make: I am one of those people that loves tutorials. Whether it's a makeup how-to or a DIY project, I can't get enough... and I know many of you feel the same.

As you probably know, one of the best tutorial sources on the web is YouTube's How To & Style section, thanks to the "beauty experts" that reside there. We've covered our 5 favorite YouTube beauty vloggers in the past, but today I wanted to share 3 more amazing YouTube beauty vloggers that you need to check out.

Each of these guys and gals has such awesome ways of making your appearance (as well as your life) more beautiful - I hope you enjoy their videos. Check them out below!

1. Goss Makeup Artist (gossmakeupartist)


If you like short and honest makeup videos, then GossMakeupArtist is the man to watch! He's one of my favorite makeup vloggers to date; I always learn something new from him. (It's no surprise his videos are so good - he's been a makeup artist for around fifteen years!)

His videos are more about breaking down the misconceptions of makeup and showing his audience simple makeup tips and tricks that the pros use (and that you don't need to have a makeup team to look amazing).

Some of his more popular videos are How to Conceal Under Eye Bags, Kim Kardashian and the Magic Line, and a personal favorite, The Top 5 Foundations You Must Own. Check him out if you are looking for some awesome makeup tricks described in a lovely British accent!

2. Bubz Beauty (bubzbeauty)


BubzBeauty was the first channel I ever subscribed to on YouTube. Once you see her channel, you will subscribe too; it's absolutely impossible not to fall in love with her videos.

Bubz's videos are not only for your physical appearance but also for the inner beauty; after all, you need both to be truly beautiful, right?

Some of her videos for your inner beauty include how to deal with negative people and how to get over a breakup - pretty unheard of for a YouTube beauty guru, but such a refreshing change! On the other hand, she also has beauty videos like how to do a simple bohemian hairstyle, and her monthly beauty favorites roundup is always popular.

I highly recommend watching her videos if you are looking for a quick pick-me-up or just some cute and fun ways to jazz up your look. Interestingly enough she has a slight Irish accent, anyone noticing a trend here?

3. Pixiwoo (pixiwoo)


And for the last of my favorite beauty vloggers (more like favorite European beauty vloggers), there's Sam and Nic, the two sisters ofPixiwoo!

This sister team is a true powerhouse: They do everything from celebrity looks (How to get Adele's Grammy look, for example) to foundation guides. (I love the Chanel foundation guide video, there is also one on the best drugstore brands!) Funny enough, their most popular video is how to do drag makeup (which turns out fabulous, by the way).

They speak in a laid back and conversational tone, while showing viewers how to get that perfect look, step by step. (I died over the Kristen Stewart W Magazine tutorial, flawless!) They do a lot of viewer requests, so if you want to know how a certain celebrity does their makeup, let them know and they may cover it next!

What do you think?

Now I want to hear from you - do you have any favorite beauty masters we haven't mentioned on CF yet? Have you heard of these beauty vloggers before? Which of their videos would you recommend to CF readers? Let us know in the comments!

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