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3 Stylish Looks to Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Gray leggings black tank pink jacket

Photo via ELLE Everyone who makes New Year’s resolutions knows they can be hard to keep. It’s challenging to keep up your motivation and commitment for a month, much less a whole year. So what’s one trick to keeping yourself inspired? Making sure you have the right outfit! As they say, you have to dress […]




Carrie Underwood to Launch Fitness Apparel Line

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Carrie underwood calia

Photos Courtesy of WWD It was recently announced that Carrie Underwood is set to launch a line of women’s fitness gear. Called CALIA by Carrie Underwood, the line will be sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods. According to Carrie, the clothes are meant to be worn for more than just working out: “The inspiration for this line came from […]



What to Wear to the Gym


What to wear to the gym

I had planned to write up a post on cute gym clothes next month, but since this is my most requested article ever, I couldn’t wait to show you! Usually I photograph three outfits per article, but since this is a special thank you for so many requests, I decided to unload my entire athletic drawer […]