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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm for the Season

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Photo Credit If you’re (un)lucky enough to live somewhere with full-fledged winter, like me, the first snowfall always makes me simultaneously want to run outside and burrow back into bed. (The second option, lately, has been winning, hands down.) Transitioning from crisp fall to winter often feels better with a quick sprucing-up of your dorm or apartment. Getting […]




Class to Night Out: Faux Leather Panel Leggings


Leather panel leggings class look

Leather Panel Leggings from: Abercrombie & Fitch, Missguided, Tylie Do you struggle with transforming your outfits from day to night? Don’t worry, CF is here to help turn that daily annoyance into a fun challenge. Class to Night Out focuses on one piece per week, and aims to help you take your look from study sessions in the library to dancing the […]



Staying Cute in the Cold: How to Wear Skirts During Winter


Winter skirt outfits

Photos: ELLE While winter is one of my favorite seasons (Snow! Holidays! Winter break! Michael Buble’s Christmas CD!), I lay a longing hand on my spring skirts every morning before putting on my down overcoat. I miss wearing skirts! This dilemma is the inspiration for my post this week. Here are two ideas for staying […]