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3 Winter-to-Spring Skincare Essentials

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Winter to spring skincare essentials

That in-between period during the transition from winter to spring can do a number on your skin, so I’m here to help! The key is to keep your skin moisturized, but not over-moisturized. Ditch your heavy winter skin cream and trade it for something lighter. Keeping your skin balanced is the best way to keep […]




6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Closet this Winter


Denim jacket winter outfit

Mid-February tends to bring with it a winter fashion rut. We’re all getting sick of our tights, boots, and layers. Plus stores are beginning to stock up on pretty springtime dresses, so cozy winter fashion has lost all of its appeal. Since a shopping spree to restock your winter wardrobe is not always a realistic […]



What to Wear When It’s Really Cold: 4 Outfits for Below-Freezing Temperatures


Girl in scarf and hat

Photo Credit It’s always hard to stay fashionable in extreme weather, especially when most of the country has been experiencing colder-than-average temperatures because of the so-called “polar vortex.” Whether you’re used to subzero temps or get caught off guard by anything below freezing, it never hurts to have a little outfit inspiration for those extra […]



Quiz: Which Winter Coat Fits Your Style?


Winter coat quiz main

Photo Credit Now that temperatures are quickly dropping all over the country, it makes getting out of bed for an early class seem like even more of a struggle. The mere thought of braving the cold can be enough to make one shiver, which is why outerwear is such an important aspect of every college […]