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DIY Tutorial: Faux Fur Vest

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Diy faux fur vest

Today’s post is inspired by some recent happenings in my life. First of all, I’ve been coveting every single fur piece that’s walked the runways, and even more so now that it’s begun to snow. However, my boyfriend and I have also adopted an adorable gunmetal gray bunny who has a rare-breed status due to […]




How to Be a Vegetarian in College: A Guide to a Healthy, Animal-Friendly Lifestyle


Healthy vegetarian salad

Photo Credit: ELLE One of the things I am consistently asked as a vegetarian is “how do you do it?” I think what people mean is how did I ever give up meat, but as a life-long vegetarian I interpret the question more as “how do you find all your nutrients and stay healthy?” It […]



How to Shop Animal Friendly: A Guide to Vegetarian Clothes and Accessories


Stella mccartney animal friendly handbag

A “vegetarian” handbag from animal-friendly designer Stella McCartney | ELLE For the past five years, I have been a vegetarian shopper and dresser. That means I don’t wear fur, leather, or silk, because they come from animals. Many vegan dressers don’t wear wool, but I sometimes do so because animals are not killed during its […]