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3 Amazing Beauty Products for Your Eyebrows


Best eyebrow beauty products

Lately, it seems that the spotlight is on the brows! These days, the more defined and well-done your eyebrows are, the better. No longer can us girls go outside with untidy brows. To be honest, I never really cared much for my eyebrows before last year, but ever since I started┬áto fix them up, I’ve […]




4 Holiday Party-Ready Nail Polishes

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Holiday mani

Photo: ELLE Hopefully finals are over, and you’re finally on break for the holidays. If not, I feel for you. I just finished my finals on Friday, which is much later than most students. If you’re home, you’re probably in full holiday mode, trying to get everything together last-minute, and plan out all the outfits […]



How to Deal with Dry Skin


Products for dry skin

The temperatures are quickly dropping here in Pennsylvania, so I can assume it’s starting to get cold pretty much everywhere else, too! I can’t stand those few weeks where the weather fluctuates between super-cold and then not-so-cold, since it can wreak havoc on your skin. Because of this, my skin is starting to get super […]