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5 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Creating an Organized Bathroom


Ladder towel rack

Photo Credit I’ve never been lucky enough to have my own bathroom (I have two siblings and lived in dorms all through college), and I learned very early on that the bathroom can become a very ugly monster of disorganization when we slack even a little on cleaning. More than any other room, the bathroom […]




How to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

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Photo Credit It’s a constant struggle: before each new job, school year, or big move, you spend months on Pinterest and Tumblr, carefully cultivating a gorgeous stock of inspirational photos and tips. Armed with your magazine clippings and internet bookmarks, you schlep all your things to your new digs… and discover that the roughly 100 […]



Sponsored: Color Code Your Notes & Planners with BIC

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Cf bic 4 color pen

This post brought to you by BIC 4 Color. All opinions are 100% mine. Here at CF, we're big fans of organizing and color coding our planners and class notes. We're also big fans of all varieties of "cute school supplies".  With these sentiments in mind, we're here to tell you about our new favorite […]



Dormspiration: Threshold by Target

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Image Courtesy of Target Second only to my love for interior design is my deep-seated, weirdly visceral appreciation for Target. The fact that its logo is typeset in Helvetica is only the tip of Target’s beautifully organized iceberg (which causes my “quick” shopping trips there to be about as successful as that of the Titanic). […]