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Movie Inspiration: She’s All That


Shes All That Movie Poster

Official Movie Poster Nothing says throwback like a late ’90s teen flick, and one of our favorites is She’s All That. This romantic comedy revolves around a high school student named Laney Boggs who gets asked out by Zack, the most popular guy in her school, only to realize that she was asked out because […]




Movie Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Movie Poster

Official Movie Poster Valentine’s Day has once again crept up and a movie that highlights all the highs and lows of the day is the appropriately named film, Valentine’s Day. The film shows the lives of various, interconnected characters and the pressures and emotions they all go through during the fourteenth of February. This post will focus on the […]



Movie Inspiration: The Pretty One


The Pretty One Poster

Official Movie Poster The Pretty One is a light, comedy-drama film that revolves around Laurel and her identical twin sister, Audrey. When the two very different sisters get in a car crash, Laurel suffers from post-traumatic amnesia. It is not until her sister’s funeral when she realizes who she is and who she decides to be. […]