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Fashion Inspiration: The Veronica Mars Movie


Veronica mars film poster

Official Film Poster I’ll admit, I’ve only seen a few episodes of the original Veronica Mars TV series, but I was intrigued when I found out the Veronica Mars movie was coming out this spring. You might have heard how the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, and its star, Kristen Bell, used Kickstarter to raise funds for […]




Quiz: Which Breakfast Club Member is Your Style Soulmate?


The breakfast club fashion

Official Promotional Image If you’ve never wished your life were set inside an ’80s movie, you should watch The Breakfast Club, and then reconsider. The Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the cast is arguably one of the most memorable in recent history. Obviously, everyone is so much more multi-faceted than […]




Fashion Inspiration: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Grand budapest hotel title

Video Screenshot Wes Anderson’s newest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, has a little bit of everything – humor, tragedy, action, adventure, and of course, beautiful sets and costumes. Set in a fictional European country, the story involves a legendary hotel concierge, his trusted friend and lobby boy, and the theft of a priceless painting. The film features […]




Sephora to Release ‘Divergent’ Makeup Collection

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Divergent makeup collection

Photo Courtesy of Sephora WWD is reporting that cosmetics retailer Sephora will be releasing a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by the upcoming film Divergent. The centerpiece of the collection is the “Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit” (pictured above), which contains three eyeshadow palettes, a cheek palette and four lip glosses inspired by the traits of each Divergent faction. […]