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4 Holiday Party-Ready Nail Polishes

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Holiday mani

Photo: ELLE Hopefully finals are over, and you’re finally on break for the holidays. If not, I feel for you. I just finished my finals on Friday, which is much later than most students. If you’re home, you’re probably in full holiday mode, trying to get everything together last-minute, and plan out all the outfits […]




How to Deal with Dry and Damaged Hair


Products for dry and damaged hair

In the changing seasons, my hair always tends to feel strange. It’s not healthy, and it feels like it’ll always be damaged and dry. In the past, I was constantly trying out products to improve the state of my hair, but it felt like nothing was really working. However, I think I’ve finally found my […]



How to Deal with Dry Skin


Products for dry skin

The temperatures are quickly dropping here in Pennsylvania, so I can assume it’s starting to get cold pretty much everywhere else, too! I can’t stand those few weeks where the weather fluctuates between super-cold and then not-so-cold, since it can wreak havoc on your skin. Because of this, my skin is starting to get super […]