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DIY Tutorial: Decorative Hat Band

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Diy hat band header

I love hats. They’re such an easy way to make an ensemble scream “street style” – even if all you’re really wearing is that over-sized white t-shirt that’s questionably clean and the jeans you wore yesterday. But hey, it’s finals, so who really has time to craft the perfect outfit? I believe everyone should have […]




How to Transition Summer Outfits to Fall/Winter


Transitioning summer outfits to fall winter header pink flowers christmas lights

A lovely CF reader, Briana Morgan, recently requested an article on transitioning summer outfits to fall and winter. There were so many great trends this summer, so I thought this was an excellent idea. Pairing some of my summer favorites with fall layers and patterns, here are three seasonally appropriate outfits that incorporate summer trends. 1. The […]



Staying Cute in the Cold: How to Wear Skirts During Winter


Winter skirt outfits

Photos: ELLE While winter is one of my favorite seasons (Snow! Holidays! Winter break! Michael Buble’s Christmas CD!), I lay a longing hand on my spring skirts every morning before putting on my down overcoat. I miss wearing skirts! This dilemma is the inspiration for my post this week. Here are two ideas for staying […]