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Staying Cute in the Cold: How to Wear Skirts During Winter


Winter skirt outfits

Photos: ELLE While winter is one of my favorite seasons (Snow! Holidays! Winter break! Michael Buble’s Christmas CD!), I lay a longing hand on my spring skirts every morning before putting on my down overcoat. I miss wearing skirts! This dilemma is the inspiration for my post this week. Here are two ideas for staying […]




DIY 101: How to Make the Easiest Tassels Ever

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Diy tassels

Judging from their numerous appearances in the fashion world this season, I think tassels are here to stay. And while foraging around in the enormous heap of DIY materials that has replaced my bedroom floor, I stumbled across some fringe I had acquired in Paris. Eyeing the strands of satin string nearby, the creative gears […]



How to Dress Like Taylor Swift


Taylor swift outfits

Photo Credit: ELLE I have loved Taylor Swift since my freshman year of high school, but this year, in anticipation of her new album 1989 (which dropped October 27), my obsession has reached a new all-time high. Along with her album’s new sound, Taylor has achieved a new confidence, gotten an amazing new hairdo, and a fantastic […]