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The Chic Chef: 3 Comforting Soup Recipes

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Cream of carrot soup

I know this makes me sound like a granny, but I have a strong affinity for soup. Soups of all kinds! Thick and creamy soups, brothy and light soups, healthy veggie purees, and not-so-healthy buttery bisques – I love ‘em all. They’ve always lit a fire in my appetite that no amount of starter salads […]




How to Snack Your Way to Success


Healthy snacking header

Photo Credit Late night study sessions make a quick run to the vending machine all too tempting. It’s easy and convenient, but it’s going to leave you feeling groggy and fatigued if you don’t choose wisely. Make your snacks work double time by choosing foods that are good for your body and your mind. Today, […]



The Chic Chef: Fast and Easy Kitchen Sink Salad


The kitchen sink salad

I want to start this post off by saying that this is not a recipe. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A RECIPE. Rather than listing out specific ingredients needed to make a salad, this post will help you brainstorm and figure out how to assemble the seemingly random items in your house into a cohesive, […]